Saturday, April 4, 2009

HKRG 'bout time...

so I just finished watching and helping at my second (home) HKRG game, and o.c. it was incredible. The brawlers had a close match up, losing only by 10pts. while the Hard Knox All Stars destroyed ATL's Sake Tuyas (cute cute name).
I made friends with the Sphere This, girl, and many many others! The after party was at Urban Bar, but me being hungryz (and also not a fan of Urban) ditched the ladies for some home time.
But I guess the most exciting news of the night is I finally got skatezzzzzzzzz!!!!!! Some Riedell R3's...(pictured here) booya! these are gonna rock!
Updates tomorrow, on the fit and the fallz that are sure to come.
But I gotta make that Aug.8th goal to play in my first bout, so PUT THAT SHIZ ON YOUR CALENDAR!!!

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