Saturday, November 28, 2009

I need some opinions...

blonde? what do you think? should I do? keep in mind it's not the best photoshop job.

Linxxx Luv

It's time for another installment of Linxxx Luv (also known as Winxxx to Linxxx). So here are so handy, fun time things I have found for entertainment on the interweb.

1. Missed Connections Illustrated. You know that super funny section on craigslist, you know, the you secretly hope you will find a post describing you (or atleast someone you know). Well this lil' jewel illustrates those posts. It's a super ceeeyyute!

2. Three DD. Just like what it says, three dimensional boobs. grab those blue and red glasses and get to checkin' out the tah tah's.

3. The Blueprint Database. They even have a Millenium Falcon!

4. A closer look at the making of a film I'm dying to see, Fantasic Mr. Fox. (via)

5. Last, a nifty lil' animation of the 4 world maritime powers and their decline. Totally nerdy, yet totally entrancing. I heart year 1960 when France explodes! tehehe...


It's been a while since I posted anything (my apologies) so let's start the night off with some Yeasayer 2080. This is easily one of my fave songs from last year and this acoustic session gives me happy chills!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So I've been considering

purchasing Rock Band 2 for my wii, and came across this bad ass gem. Who would have known the flute would pick up the vocals for Rock Band? Not to mention it's always fun to hear a heavy song with an unexpected instrument

Woman of the Year

and no it's not me. According to Glamour, Marissa Mayer is this year's Woman of the Year. Why you might ask? well it's Google. Yes, google. Seems like everyone is doin' it 7 billion times a year. and everything google has to go through the hands of Marissa Mayer.

As vice president, search and user experience (and a 10-year veteran of Google), she’s helped make the company the world’s number-one search engine, with revenues of nearly $22 billion last year. “I’ve always liked simplicity,” says Mayer, 34. “It’s hard to tell where my aesthetic ends and Google’s begins.” Almost nothing gets out the door without her approval, including innovations like Gmail and Google Earth. “It’s pretty hard to overstate her impact,” says Google CEO Eric Schmidt. “She built the team that designs the products we all use.”


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009

That Lamp is Homicidal!

looks like Pixar's Lux (the lamp at the beginning of their films) wasn't truely a good guy. See the power of what CGI can clean up. (via)

Eye Candy part VII

stumbled upon this artist, Micca. and its reminescent of Egon Schiele, atleast for me, so it makes it an automatic fave. love the selective coloring, contour-esque lines, and the use of negative space on the pages. Its very fairy tale-sy. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Eye Candy part VI

Ever wonder what happens to those ol' shopping lists once you toss or lose them? Shopping Losts takes these half crumpled, chicken scratched up letters and creates beautiful typography based graphics on these. whoa. its totally the best and hottest thing I've seen all day. Enjoy!

Salute your Shorts!

scratch that! I mean, car? Looks like China is at it again. School children at Luolang Elementary are now saluting cars as they drive by.

Education officials promoted the saluting edict to reduce traffic accidents and teach children courtesy. Critics, who have posted thousands of negative comments about the policy on China’s electronic bulletin boards, beg to differ. “This is just pitiful,” wrote one in a post last year. Only inept officials would burden children with such a requirement rather than install speed bumps, others insisted.


Linxxx Luv

1. miscellaneous culture - through a Linkedin request came across this UT grad's design site... totes bookmark worthy for inspiration

2. Architizer - beta version officially launched last week, and I have apparently been living under a rock! How did I miss this? It seems this is the new way for architects to connect across the globe. A Daily Dose is refering to it as 'the facebook' for architects, well... we'll see, but who doesn't need another work time distraction?

3. Nendo for the Moleskine Project - artist Nendo has simply cut the top edges of moleskines to create landscapes, his goal is to show sketches teetering on the edge of two and three dimensions...totally eye candy.

4. Gropius is falling down - it seems that not only did Chicago architect suffer a blow from the loss of the Olympic bid, but the Bauhaus designer, Walter Gropius, and his 1957 Friends of Convalence Home (read as hospital) was torn down. A sad sad day.

5. Princess Leia x2... sunbathing? - just so damn sexy!

Best Halloween Costume

and it wasn't mine, but I think its definitely worth making a mental note and putting aside of next year. Pop art come alive! (via)

Christopher Walken is Ga ga

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