Saturday, November 28, 2009

Linxxx Luv

It's time for another installment of Linxxx Luv (also known as Winxxx to Linxxx). So here are so handy, fun time things I have found for entertainment on the interweb.

1. Missed Connections Illustrated. You know that super funny section on craigslist, you know, the you secretly hope you will find a post describing you (or atleast someone you know). Well this lil' jewel illustrates those posts. It's a super ceeeyyute!

2. Three DD. Just like what it says, three dimensional boobs. grab those blue and red glasses and get to checkin' out the tah tah's.

3. The Blueprint Database. They even have a Millenium Falcon!

4. A closer look at the making of a film I'm dying to see, Fantasic Mr. Fox. (via)

5. Last, a nifty lil' animation of the 4 world maritime powers and their decline. Totally nerdy, yet totally entrancing. I heart year 1960 when France explodes! tehehe...

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