Monday, January 31, 2011

{ A Black Tie Affair }

For those fancy events you and your kitty might need to attend... {via}

{ Architecture's Truth... in a diagram }


Sunday, January 16, 2011

{ Heavy Machine }

So the great Nubbytwiglet (whom I swoon over her and her style and her work) has been doing some great graphics for Solestruck, an amazing shoe site. So I then liked 'em on facebook, and through a lil' convo got turned on to these INCREDIBLE shoes, Heavy Machine. The color blocking and new lines are a fresh take to the every of what I see in shoes. Oh! and I almost forgot! the designers of these shoes have the best story! Two Taiwanese ladies wanted to fulfill the dream of a generation of trendsetting women who demand a deeper sense of empowerment, with footwear designed to be sexy and edgy. Their distinctive looks for the modern woman allow her to make a statement with each step that she takes. Inspired by industrial machine structures and heavy, strong lines, the shoes are designed to give each woman that pleasure of being standout beautiful, yet uniquely feminine. Though high heels have traditionally driven women to sacrifice comfort for looks, these are definitely “shoes comfortable enough to run away in.” Anyways you guys have to check out the rest of the collection, it's amazing!

{ Infographic of the Day: Kitties }

Jennifer (who is always awesome at posting great gtalk stats) posted this earlier in the week. I think I've already spent way too much time tryin to figure out what my kitties fall under. Enjoy! {via}

Friday, January 7, 2011

{ Creative Director Gaga }

So apparently I totally missed this, Polaroid recently appointed Ms. Gaga Creative Director, and in the year's time she has held this position she has come up with some neat-o products I need to put this year's wishlist. Grey Label, designed by Haus of Gaga, is expecting to release 3 products this year:

  • GL20 Camera Glass. These bad pups basically mix fashion, technology, and photography
  • GL30 - the newest instant Polaroid camera. Here you can edit, add filters, (which means there a sweet screen on top) , and uses Zink to print instantly! not to mention it's just F'n cool looking! This is what I'm most psyched about.
  • GL10 - Instant Mobile Printer hooks up to any camera. and uses this technology called Zink Zero Ink. This I cant wait to see.
 All three are cool, and I hope aren't going to be too costly. {via}

{ mizmargauxxx's mix: oasis }

Oasis... When I first discovered these giants of Brit Rock I was a young gal of about 14. It was life changing... this was the band that opened up a world of music to me. I was no longer the kid that listened to the stuff her parents did (not that there was anything wrong with their taste, my parents were recording artists and helped me develop a decent ear and music taste) but I know had my own band, a band of fuck-you rock'n'rollers, and not too shabby looking to boot. As I grew older and my tastes matured and developed, and as Oasis faded and continued their Brit pop style, we grew apart. It's not that they didn't keep making great music, it just didn't evolve with me. But I still love the nostalgia feeling I get when I listen to a 'classic' Oasis song, and when a new single or song is rumored I still get that anxious excitement I did when I was 16.

So this post is a lil' nod to a great, Oasis, and most recently Beady Eye (Liam's solo song writing attempts sans Noel). I was unfortunately not impressed by the first single, Bring the Light, but with a new cd release quickly approaching, I found the next two songs much more enjoyable.

Their most recent single Four Letter Word, is sort of what I'd expect for a new oasis single. Strong beat, whirling guitars, and slightly more refined vocals from Liam. At times I find it trying to hard, but overall enjoyable.

Today's release, The Roller, is drenched with heavy John Lennon-esque hand... not that I'm complaining. This so far is my favorite of the Beady Eye songs. A sweet and catchy chorus, "They call me the roller, I squeeze and unfold ya..." lingers with me. The guitar solo isn't trying so hard like in Four Letter Word, and the piano re-emphasizing the bass is a nice addition. This single is starting to reignite my 'Oasis' love. I hope you guys enjoy as well!
Beady Eye - The Roller by ListenBeforeYouBuy

Thursday, January 6, 2011

{ Pantone Wish List }

Now that the holidays are over, and I think I've maxed out credit cards shopping at Sephora, I just had to stumble upon this.... Luckily I can't get it... but I am a little bummed. I'd have to have the Pantone 331 nail polish. These are just too cool! and I am a wee bit surprised these are actually out there... {via}

Pantone, if you are listening (reading) please start making these.
331's Biggest Fan

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