Friday, December 14, 2012

{ More Arrested Development }

That seems to be the word around the ol' internets, apparently creator, Mitch Hurwitz filmed too much for the show's Netflix revival, so now we probably have to deal with the crappy reality of twelve to fifteen new episodes rather than a nice clean ten. Oh bummer! what a delightful mistake! now to just make time go faster so we can get to the Spring 2013 release... 

{ Kanye Wes Anderson }

This was too good not to share. Kayne West lyrics matched up surprisingly well to Wes Anderson (movie) screen shots. Enjoy! {via}

{ Stuck on Repeat }

{ Seinfeld Today }

What if Seinfeld was still on the air today? I love this show and can watch rerun after rerun, and never really thought it was too dated, even though it aired in the early - mid nineties... I don't miss Seinfeld too much, cause I often I think It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia seems like a modern Seinfeld... but maybe way darker...
But thanks to the great people with a twitter account, I no longer have to wonder what this show about  nothing would be about today! {via}
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