Friday, July 31, 2009

Tastey Cakes!

Like I need more ways to thicken my thighs... but its designers + cupcakes! via hintmag

Linxxx Luv

And here's this week's installment of the best things on the inter-web.

1. 100 Years of Design Manifestos. I haven't read them all, but F.T. Marinetti and Walter Gropius and El Lissitzky are ones I always go back to.

2. Do you Tweet? More Recently I have become way into it, but have you wondered why people quit following you? or who it was? Quitter lets you see just that, and what your last tweet was that might have sent them running.

3. Lessons from Swiss Style Graphic Design. What can't the Swiss do?

4. Inglorious Bastards opens in theatres in 2 weeks, and I have a serious itch to see this. Tarantino never disappoints.

5. Remember Kara Janx from Project Runway? She definately wasn't a fave. of mine, and honestly I think she had something to do with Santino not doing as well towards the end (he was my fave). Well her line is looking alright....

6. And the last thing I need is another distraction at work. Studies via pubmed show that gaming during work helps increase productivity... well sign me up I need some PORTAL!

7. Peter Callesen. Great paper artist.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Molly Molly's Art

Great find Molly! is a great cute super fun site, that is a great waste of your work day! Do your own and let mizmargauxxx know! too cute!

Creative Cans

Thanks Kyle for this great Second Harvest pic (I'm guessing taken at Gresham Smith & Partner's Building?). Too cute! Even though, no one has an ipod anymore, I think we're all iphone-ing...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Cutest Bread I've Ever Seen

This is probably the damn cutest thing (and its bread!!!) I have ever seen!!! I have to make this!
maybe this weekend... stay posted for a follow up. recipe at

Another Famous Friend...

Walton (higlighted above) is rock starin' it up in DC. So much so he is pictured in for that awesome USGBC headquarters he worked on. bad ass! and kudos to doing something worthwhile with that degree... since yes, I am not...
check out the article

ohhh and if that's not bad ass enough, his former professors at the ETH are rockin starrin' too. Here's a great winery via Daily Dose of Architecture, that was built with brick laying machines.

The architects worked with Gramazio & Kohler (walton's professors) on the facade, a double-skin of brick with polycarbonate panels on the interior. As they describe: "[a] robotic production method ... developed at the ETH [Zurich] enabled us to lay each one of the 20,000 bricks precisely according to programmed parameters—at the desired angle and at the exact prescribed intervals." Therefore a supergraphic composed of overlapped "grapes" could be created in brick in precast panels without the expense of numerous mock-ups or traditional masons. - via

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I always wanted to go there!

seems like the failing economy is hurting everyone (but who didn't know this?) Parie Avenue Bookstore in Chicago will be closing its door at the end of the summer. How sad. There are not many great architectural bookstores, so this is truly a sad day for the architecture community.
Marilyn Hasbrouck, who owns the store along with her husband Wilbert, said that changes in the bookselling market have taken a toll, including competition from online retailers like Amazon and big-box stores like Barnes & Noble. “Amazon has a clout that is just unimaginable. Their discounts are larger than our costs,” she told AN. The recession, however, has had an even more acute impact. “Everyone knows this is a terrible time for architects,” she said. “People have less money to spend.”
-via the architect's newspaper

Friday, July 24, 2009

friends of mizmargauxxx

Good friend of mizmargauxxx, Nata lee left knoxville (like we all should be doing) to pursue better things in the big city. It seems like she is doing very well!
I stumbled upon this scarf her and her beau made, and it seems like they are making a handful of other goodies via etsy. Their items are too cute! and have the best profile:

Bio We are two young designers, trained as architects. These projects are our experiments with materials and methods. Recycling otherwise unused materials into objects for people's everyday use is our passion. We design with purpose and repurpose in mind.

I mean who doesn't swoon over +'s and red ... its sooo swiss. I heart you Nata Lee!

Memories From College

Yes, that is Master Shake.
And yes he did get hurdled from the 3rd of the A+A building.
Thanks utkarchitecture

Gmail Accuses me of Drinking Too Much!

Does anyone else think Google is too smart?
Today, in addition to the numerous suggestions of booze at the top of my gmail, I just received an email saying its Gin season... Does everyone else know its Gin and Tonic Season? What rock have I been living under? I don't even like Gin!

Team Google,
Yes, I do like to drink. Maybe in excess (I'm sure you were stalking my escapades last night). But please, refrain from sending me information about boozes I don't like.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Music Online (Review Part 2 - lastfm)

Yesterday was day 2 of online music findings. Pandora was a let down, so I was hoping Lastfm would be better.

1. you must sign up for an account, again similar to the Hypemachine and Pandora, but this sign up took significally longer than Pandora's and required lots more info.

2. After the lengthy 'interview' process of the sign up. I was redirected to my profile's page, and given many options. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I was ready for my streaming music, and it was not easy to start and / or find.

3. There was an option on the main page to import your itunes library into lastfm! which, I didn't have any of my music here (the dilemma that started this search for the best streaming site). But something I have to give props to lastfm for.

4. I then chose a multi artist radio station and entered the same artists as before (on Pandora) - Radiohead, Pixies, Santigold. *gotta keep the same rules to run a legit study / review* Quickly to learn that lastfm only allows for a 3 artist entry... lame.

5. Off the bat Lastfm nailed me. Playing hits by the editors, the strokes, lykke li, vampire weekend, oasis, phoenix, florence and the machine, and of course the 3 artists I initially typed in.

6. But what about when I'm not into that particular song? well I have as many 'skips' as I want. and the same 'heart' option when I love a song, and the more I heart things the more tailored the radio station became. I also have the option to ban a song, thus not having to listen to it then or again.

7. Lastfm also shows similar artist at the bottom of the page which you are able to then go to their page and listen to those hits.

8. But my biggest complaint is the lack of a pause button. I often need to pause (since I'm at work I have work things to do) and then want to resume that song, but Lastfm instead stops the whole radio station and brings you back to your profile page. Lame! then once you find your custom multi artist station again (difficult to re find) it chooses a new song! so unnecessary.

I did overall enjoy the choices of songs, and the controls on Lastfm. Its allot more in depth than Pandora. But maybe not a complete replacement for Hypem or my itunes library. Overall Lastfm I give you an 85% (out of 100%)...

Jon Stewart is the next Cronkite?

According to a poll conducted by Time Jon Stewart is the most trusted newscaster today. Personally nothing would make me happier than to have ol' Jon telling us the new on a legit channel. I think too many think he's a joke, but he's been rocking the world just telling us ''truth bombs' as it is.
Check this one out, last night Jon took on "birthers" last night, mocking their internal leadership and the media figures and politicians who support them - via huffington post.

and on a side note, Time has a significant other number of polls that definitely can be chuckle worthy like what is your fave. harry potter character? Who would have guessed it wasn't Ron...?

Kill Those Crocs!

Finally it seems those horrid shoes, Crocs, are about to take a tumble. As an avid hater of the shoe, even a facebook group hater, I am excited to read reports showing the company is no longer doing that well. Hopefully we will see less of these mishaps.
Last year the company lost $185.1 million, slashed roughly 2,000 jobs and scrambled to find money to pay down millions in debt. Now it's stuck with a surplus of shoes, and its auditors have wondered if it can stay afloat. It has until the end of September to pay off its debt. - washington post

Vogue Paris + Icons

Time for a well missing (atleast in my life) Fashion installment. It seems Carnie Roitfeld has scored a great hit (in my opinion) in this August's 2009 Vogue Paris issue. A 64 page spread on fashion's most iconic brands. I mean who doesn't just swoon over Galliano and Dries Van Norton? (via)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What I did today...

well I didn't lay this out today, but I did get some photos back of this flooring and logo design I did a while a go! enjoy! Jennifer is also keeping me posted on when the logo is printed on Algood's student planner / handbooks and sports jerseys! woot woot! also I did design that floor pattern, so I had to include it.

Linx Luv

This week's installment of Linxxx Luv...

1. Miss Molly gtalked a great link that kept me cracking up all week: Emails from an Asshole. I know what this guy says is just to get under these people's skin, but seriously?!? are there really that many idiots placing ad on craigslist?!?

2. 69 Stunning Gig Posters: What's design without music? What's music without design? has collected 69 of the coolest band posters, but some are a lil' too Yee-Haw without truely being letterpress.

3. Another great linx from a friend, Angela posted 101 Simple Salads for the Season (the season being summer? cause its very cold for July in Knoxville). But since work's been rough (pay cuts and all) a group of my coworkers and I have been alternating days we bring in lunch for each other, so this post made for a great bookmark to try out next week.

4. This most be love my friends week! Cause I keep meaning to post Sara Martin's new business endeavor, Arbonne Cosmetics! Check out her site! I recently (ha, like 2 months ago) ordered the Figure 8 plan and am loving it (when I remember it, but that's a personal thing)

5. Three Potato Four: a great vintage love all site! the cutest home accessories around... now only if I didn't get that pay cut, I could maybe splurge...

6. Wes Anderson's Perfect Mixtape., "
It is verifiably true that white people love Wes Anderson movies, they also love Wes Anderson. This midgety little auteur has come a long way since his magnificent debut feature, Bottle Rocket. Here is a brief guide to the cinema of Wes Anderson before we hand it over to him to discuss his musical taste."

Roller Derby + Drew Barrymore

This is now my most anticipated film I have gots to see! Drew Barrymore's Directorial Debut (opening October 9th) is focused on an awkward texas teen, Bliss played by Ellen Page, trying to rebel against her beauty pageant mother and discovers the rough and tumble world of roller derby.

Make Your Own Font

These guys did it. Two typographers ( Pierre & Damien / ) and a pro race pilot (Stef van Campenhoudt) collaborated to design a font with a car.
The car movements were tracked using a custom software, designed by interactive artist Zachary Lieberman. ( )
to download the font

iQ font - When driving becomes writing / Full making of from wireless on Vimeo.

Music Online (review part 1 - Pandora)

Recently, due to the 'crazys' going on at work, I moved all my music on my work computer (about 10gb) to my external. The only problem: I often take my external home and leave it. This is my predicament this week. I am without music. Now I am a HUGE fan of the HypeMachine, but it has its fault (which I think I will review last), so yesterday I decide to try out Pandora Radio. Many friends and coworkers rave about, and from what I can tell it is the most commonly used / talked about streaming radio station online, atleast in my circle. So let's begin.

1. you must sign up for an account - which is cool, I believe all streaming radios now require this.

2. you type in an artist. because of the unseasonably coolness of the recent weather and overcast I am in a Radiohead mood. So first song, Fake Plastic Trees - a little over played for Radiohead, but a classic. I then decide I'm feeling like a little Pixies and The Like Young, sorta chill indie playlist.

3. But quickly Pandora decides I am a fan of Nirvana (I'm not), Red Hot Chilli Peppers(nope), and Smashing Pumpkins (alright). So I skip these songs, learning that I am only allowed like 6 skips for the day. WHAT?!? if I don't like this song I am now forced to listen to it. well F this!?! In my entire day (about 4 hours) of streaming Pandora it offered me 2 Radiohead songs, and 12 Smashing Pumpkins songs (someone I didn't not thumbs up / or down), along with 1 Pixies song, and no song by the Like Young.

4. But there is the thumbs up / thumbs down option, which is nice. It will remember what I liked and didn't like, but I am still stuck to endure this song... lame.... But what happens if I don't like the song today, but I do next week. I am known to let songs grow on me. I don't think I cared much for Animal Collective at first (reminded me too much of Caribou). So there is a "Don't Play this for 1 Month" option, but a month?!? why a month?

5. I then find myself alternating between songs I have hearted (at Hypem) and Pandora Radio, whenever a song I disapprove of has come up. but another problem? I can mute a song. When I mute it and switch to the Hypem, Pandora then assumes I want to pause the song and return to it. I obviously muted it to listen to something else. I think I got the tab thing going on and can remember what I have muted and didn't mute.

It then is easy to assume Pandora Radio is for those not so 'Technology Savvy', and for those wanting more mainstream music. Overall Pandora, I have to thumbs down your whole application. Oh! and just incase I did love Pandora, they are getting ready to impose a 40 hour listening maximum for users.
So yeah, I give you a 40% (out of 100%)...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

If Famous Architecture Were Priced Like Paintings, a Le Corbusier Would Cost the Same as the Entire American GDP

The top floor of Corbusier’s Villa Stein (one of perhaps the top 500 most important houses of the late 19th/early 20th centuries - i.e. a Van Gogh of houses) is for sale for the same price per sq.ft. (approx $1400) as buildings in the same area of suburban Paris, designed by nobody in particular. Meanwhile, Van Gogh’s Portrait of Dr. Gachet sold for an inflation adjusted price of $136 million yet a poster of similar square footage and style costs around $10.

In other words, a work of art that you can actually live in has zero premium over a commodity item, but one that you can look at has a premium factor of 13 million over a commodity one.

There are 2 possible conclusions: architecture is vastly under valued or painting prices are almost entirely irrational.

Given that the cost of a single floor of the Villa Stein would be almost exactly the same as entire US GDP ($13 trillion) in the former case, and that Le Corbusier’s mediocre paintings sell at a vast premium compared to the buildings he is famous for, it’s the paintings that are too pricey. -

Rendered Fashion

Thanks for this great, and somewhat humorous post.
The clothes from Irina Shaposhnikova's Crystallographica show look as though they were created with 3-D rendering software but haven't quite finished rendering yet.

What I did today...

and last week.. battling with formz (you saw the model last week) and now I'm back at it. I gotta get this S to render to go in this PSD file... shot me in the face!

What to do with those old cassettes...

Come on, I know we all have them. This artist found a great reuse of cassettes.
Resound states: In this series I showcase a number of portraits of musicians made out of recycled cassette tape with original cassette. Also included are portraits made from old film and reels. The idea comes from a philosopher’s (Ryle) description of how your spirit lives in your body. I imagine we are all, like cassettes, thoughts wrapped up in awkward packaging.

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