Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Music Online (review part 1 - Pandora)

Recently, due to the 'crazys' going on at work, I moved all my music on my work computer (about 10gb) to my external. The only problem: I often take my external home and leave it. This is my predicament this week. I am without music. Now I am a HUGE fan of the HypeMachine, but it has its fault (which I think I will review last), so yesterday I decide to try out Pandora Radio. Many friends and coworkers rave about, and from what I can tell it is the most commonly used / talked about streaming radio station online, atleast in my circle. So let's begin.

1. you must sign up for an account - which is cool, I believe all streaming radios now require this.

2. you type in an artist. because of the unseasonably coolness of the recent weather and overcast I am in a Radiohead mood. So first song, Fake Plastic Trees - a little over played for Radiohead, but a classic. I then decide I'm feeling like a little Pixies and The Like Young, sorta chill indie playlist.

3. But quickly Pandora decides I am a fan of Nirvana (I'm not), Red Hot Chilli Peppers(nope), and Smashing Pumpkins (alright). So I skip these songs, learning that I am only allowed like 6 skips for the day. WHAT?!? if I don't like this song I am now forced to listen to it. well F this!?! In my entire day (about 4 hours) of streaming Pandora it offered me 2 Radiohead songs, and 12 Smashing Pumpkins songs (someone I didn't not thumbs up / or down), along with 1 Pixies song, and no song by the Like Young.

4. But there is the thumbs up / thumbs down option, which is nice. It will remember what I liked and didn't like, but I am still stuck to endure this song... lame.... But what happens if I don't like the song today, but I do next week. I am known to let songs grow on me. I don't think I cared much for Animal Collective at first (reminded me too much of Caribou). So there is a "Don't Play this for 1 Month" option, but a month?!? why a month?

5. I then find myself alternating between songs I have hearted (at Hypem) and Pandora Radio, whenever a song I disapprove of has come up. but another problem? I can mute a song. When I mute it and switch to the Hypem, Pandora then assumes I want to pause the song and return to it. I obviously muted it to listen to something else. I think I got the tab thing going on and can remember what I have muted and didn't mute.

It then is easy to assume Pandora Radio is for those not so 'Technology Savvy', and for those wanting more mainstream music. Overall Pandora, I have to thumbs down your whole application. Oh! and just incase I did love Pandora, they are getting ready to impose a 40 hour listening maximum for users.
So yeah, I give you a 40% (out of 100%)...

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