Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{ A Hipster Lorem Ipsum }

Seems like these Lorem Ipsum generating sites are popping up, and nothing is complete without a lil' hipster-ism. This Hipster Ipsum is a personal fave, using words such as helvetica, thundercats, 3 wolf moon, and retro. Enjoy some space filler! {via}

{ Eye Candy: a delicious website }

Ming Makes Cupcakes is a beautiful collection of cupcake recipes worth bookmarking, for it's graphic + delicious value.

{ Running Typography }

Sometimes the process is more interesting than the finished product, and the Running Typography project definitely does that. Created (or maybe I should say started and tracked) by designer and runner Joan Pons Moll, Running Typography takes current GPS technology to track his running of type to create a font set. I suppose the letters aren't the cleanest, but the process of using the already in place city (street) grid to create a font set is pretty neat! and to add to the neatness you can be a guest runner. 
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