Thursday, June 9, 2011

{ More Rubbish }

Ever had to bullshit your way through a review or artist statement? Now there is a sweet artist statement generator, to help you out with artist block... here's a sample of the Arty Bullocks Generator: My work explores the relationship between the tyranny of ageing and multimedia experiences. With influences as diverse as Wittgenstein and John Lennon, new tensions are crafted from both explicit and implicit layers.{via}

{ A Meatier Lorem Ipsum }

With a catch pharse like this, who wouldn't want to use this as your place holder text?
Does your lorem ipsum text long for something a little meatier? Give our generator a try… it’s tasty!
Here's a sample: Sirloin pork loin ball tip beef, ground round shankle pork chop. Short ribs pork loin drumstick bresaola, ball tip pastrami salami chicken. Tri-tip jowl jerky, hamburger shoulder meatloaf rump pork belly. {via}

{ Eye Candy: Famous People Hangin' with Other Famous People }

Mick Jagger, Madonna, and Tony Curtis

Eartha Kitt and James Dean taking Katherine Dunham’s dance class

Colonel Sanders and Alice Cooper

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

{ Weezer cover Radiohead }

In my opinion It's been a while since Weezer put out anything worth buying, much less download worthy, but this cover... although, not as good as the original reminds me of why I love them. Tight sounding, talented group makin' music for havin fun (island in the sun anyone?) . Thanks for the great, fun cover... now time to pull out OK Computer...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

{ Make Sure it's Sugar, Not Salt }

Found this lil' gem online (since I'm taking 6 weeks off for maternity leave, I've got some free time... maybe) today, and had to share. Reminds me of Drunk History, and it's now added to my Youtube Faves. and seems like something I might have to try out, Enjoy!

{ Apparently these folks haven't heard of the Onion }

and when they read the Onion's articles they
1. believe they are the truth and
2. post their reactions to Facebook... thus making for this great website, Literally Unbelievable.
 Enjoy one of the better ones, and not just the initial post from 'K', but read further down, apparently 'M' can't believe it either... ctm.

{ A New Addition }

sorry for being a lil' behind on the posts, I've been a wee bit busy... Tuesday (which is the day I called) I gave birth to a lil' peanut, Donovan Eric. He's been an angel so far, but definitely enough to keep me and the mister busy. Here he is on day 1.
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