Thursday, March 31, 2011

{ The Nashville Invasion }

The Pilot Light is the best venue in town bringing in the best new bands, and the few weeks are no exception. Two of my newest infatuations (both from Nashville) will be rockin' the Old City.

Turbo Fruits - I don't know as much about this band, and have tried out a few of their other songs, but I keep coming back to this one, Mama's Mad Cos I Fried My Brain. Enjoy!

Heavy Cream - Gettin a lil' hype after playing SXSW this year, Heavy Cream of the Label Infinity Cat (who is home to a few Nashville greats) I suspect will not disappoint. Their energy is that of the Runaways + the Ramones + Best Coast. Plus they got that all 3 out of 4 members are ladies (always a positive in my book). Enjoy the Watusi!

**and don't forget The Royal Bangs will be playing The Late Show With David Letterman on Friday, April 1 (tomorrow). The last time a Knoxville band played late-night network TV, in 1997, it was after midnight (on Conan O’Brien’s Late Night) and that was the V-Roys backing Steve Earle—so this is a big deal.

Heavy Cream

Friday, March 25, 2011

{ 2022: The Age of Artificial Clouds }

The Year: 2022. The Place: Qatar. The Idea: Artificial Clouds. That's right, scientists are working around the clock to make sure that Qatar, trust me I hadn't heard of this country either, will be cool enough during the summer months for the 2022 World Cup. Originally rumored the games would have to take place during winter, which is a whole nother tangent, the game officials are considering moving them back to the ridiculously hot summer months if these half a million (each) man-made clouds become a reality. I don't know about all this... part of me loves that the technology is there, the other part is worried... I mean haven't we F'ed with mother nature enough? But I think we can all agree that if the games had just been in South America this would have been tons easier. Either way Diller + Scofidio should eat their hearts out!  {via}

{ Dolly Parton's Word's of Wisdom } just posted a recent Dolly P interview, and I couldn't help but share this great quote. I think I'll be living by it, even though I don't have any 'fake' parts, still... this woman knows her place! Gotta love her!

" I don’t like being any higher up than pullin’ corn and any lower than diggin’ for taters. I’m afraid I’ll lose my hair and my boobs and anything else that isn’t mine,” she said with a laugh. {via}

{ Easy Infographics }

Chartwell is a font (unfortuanely it's not free, but seems well worth the co$t) that takes your type to make awesome, clear, easy to use graphs, charts, and visuals. Infographics just got a TON EASIER! {via}

{ Dreams of Killing Mushrooms and Hammer Brothers }

Ever dream of being in Mario, killing those douchey mushrooms and hammer brothers, and saving the whiney Peach? This handy lil' video illustrates that first person experience. {via}

{ Duck + Beaver = Platypus? }

Thanks Facebook for this stooopidity gem. She honestly thought it was true, and uses cartoon characters for a science lesson?!? Our poor school children...
Rule of thumb lady but I don't think (as much as some would produce cute results) two different species can reproduce.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

{ You can't afford to waste good liquor, George }

Today is a sad day, the gorgeous infamous Elizabeth Taylor has passed away at the age of 79. Those eyes were hypnotizing, and her ability to breathe such life into strong women roles will be greatly missed. {via}

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

{ Steak House or Gay Bar? }

Just found this internet gem, Steak House or Gay Bar.... Randomly generated names of either, and you have to guess which. It's a great time waster, so far I'm 13 out of 21! {via}

Friday, March 18, 2011

{ Knoxville, Tennessee: America's Best Sports Town? }

That's right! according to MTV (I know, what does this have to do with music?), good ol' Knoxville, TN is the best American college sports town in the south. So what does this mean exactly? not too much, but it's always nice for all the debauchery that goes along with the University's Sporting events to be recognized, and by a killing percentage of 63%! Take that Oxford, Mississippi (with 20%)! Now on to the next round of voting! {via}

Thursday, March 10, 2011

{ Eye Candy: Animating Soccer }

Animator Richard Swarbrick's 35 hour tribute to Tottenham's Gareth Bale Goal making higlights against Inter Milan this season. Talk about a beautiful way to watch soccer... swoon.... {via}

{ Paula Deen + Kitten Mittens }

Apparently this is all the rage, Paula Deen riding some humorous object / person / animal / whatever you can think of. I adore Charlie and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia so I had to share this lil' chuckle.

{ Eye Candy: Recipe Challenge }

Found this great challenge (unfortunately it was too late for me to enter) of finalist for the Redesign the Recipe Project. Back in Febuary, GOOD FOOD asked readers to submit a redesign of the typical recipe (think black + white and boring), now we are lucky enough to vote on a few of the good ones. My faves are below, it's like infographics meets top chef!

Monday, March 7, 2011

{ Movie Barcodes }

Requiem for a Dream

Moviebarcode is way cooler than it sounds. Apparently this site takes movies and reduces each frame of the film to a stretched out still and smashes 'em all up together (in super crude terms)... this might explain it better.
Each ‘barcode’ on the site features every frame of a given film vertically stretched and then assembled into something that looks like a barcode. The result is like a graph that charts the use of color in any given movie. Note: there is no actual data encoded within these graphics. Yes, I tried a barcode scanner on a few. I’d love to see someone figure out how to add more specific info, but as is this is a weird, oblique way to look at part of a film’s visual style in one broad overview. It is like being able to go down to a paint store and grab a card of paint chips representing some of your favorite movies. {via}
Whatever is going down, it's beautiful, and I love the idea of potentially embedding more information into those images. Right now I'm happy to just enjoy the palette of these films as a one image 'barcode'.  

{ Mark those Calendars! }

Knoxville's 2011 Baconfest has begun planning, and you should too! September 16-17th. I know I'll save some tummy space for the savory swine that is glorious bacon!{via}

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

{ Hard Knox featured WFTDA League }

Big Congrats goes out to the Hard Knox Rollergirls for being the featured WFTDA League! I know, from my unfortunately fleeting interest in Derby (it's hard to skate without insurance and being preggers) that those girls have been working hard to make a real presence here in Knoxville and in the world of National Derby Athletics. If you are at all interested please read the links, and attend a few bouts! they are a true blast! and I hope to rekindle my derby love in a few months! {via}

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

{ Bangs on Letterman }

Hooray for one Knoxville's (and this blogger's) favorite band, the Royal Bangs! They will be playing on the Late Show with David Letterman March 28th! This is definitely awesome! be sure to check it out!

{ Living the Sheen Dream }

I haven't really kept up with the newest celeb (break down) gossip, but you'd have to live under a rock to not know somethin' is goin' down with Charlie Sheen. Luckily someone made a humorous lil' site of all his crazy quotes. I think this is my fave, "Apocalypse Now will teach you how to live inside of a moment between a moment." Enjoy clickin on the Sheen head!
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