Thursday, May 19, 2011

{ Look what I just found on Craigslist! }

Yup, and it's 100% Free! Yay for Unicorns who love Taco Bell! I doubt the link will stay up long but here it is {via}

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

{ Rain Barrel of Dia de los Muertos: The Showing }

So I finally finished that barrel.. I didn't update on here as much as I should have, but luckily Storm Water Matters posted some GREAT photos of the final barrels on their facebook page. Be sure to attend the opening at the KMA on Sunday May 22 at 2:00pm and bid on my barrel! or any of the other awesome ones! You can also bid online at their website.  The money goes to a great cause, and I'm sure if mine had the highest bid it would totally validate me wanting to paint more ... tehehehe. Thanks and Enjoy the final pics!

{ Eye Candy: A Great New Blog, and a Gallery Showing to go with it! }

Modern Sentiment, a blog from the mind of Sara Martin, is a great new addition to my weekly read and Eye Candy hunt. Martin's new business is based off her love and philosophy of design and style. These mixed media collages are now on display at the Emporium (on Gay Street, in Knoxville) and really a must see. I didn't get a chance to attend the opening last first friday, but I heard it was smashing, and the showing (of art) will be up for the month. I highly recommend stopping by, and also checking out the new blog, Modern Sentiment. Enjoy Reichstag, one of my faves from her online gallery! {via}

Reichstag 1

{ Ikea Shows us how to assemble a Tardis }

except here (in sweed-talk) it's a TJardiss. This great college humor nerd post shows some other great ikea inspired manuals. Enjoy my nerdiness! {via}

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

{ Eye Candy: Sometimes I Miss Architecture }

Cebra toons is the brain candy of Micheal Frost, partner at Cebra and totes book mark worthy! It's a lil' Steven Holl-ish, but still nice to see a few great concise transformation diagram images, makes me miss architecture and their whole graphic world. Enjoy! {via}

{ Takin' it Back Ol' School }

my first textured rendering
or to 2003... when my class was in our second year of architecture school and taking our first computer modeling course. Hooray for this awesome website rediscovery Beth (via Patrick). I was #50, with the Soviet Pavilion! Glad I've come a long way since that! ctm. {via}
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