Friday, May 22, 2009

What have I been doin all week?

Makin' pretty images and diagrams.. Here's a taste! Its formz and photoshop

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Best Song of the Day!

Released today... Its White Rabbits with Percussion Gun

Poor Kitty...

as Kylie would say it is ctm worthy...

I Want To Go To There...

Best line ever! To go with one of the best houses I've seen in a while... Its in an old water tower!!!
CHECK IT OUT! thanks Inhabitat Damn Germans and their great designs...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Like Kuler... but 3D!!!

Found this bad ass app! its very similar to Kuler, but its a 3D color pallete helper! it's soooo RAD! check it!

its a me!!

so, shigeru ban is designing the new Aspen Art Museum, with our firm as the local help. Because most people in Aspen are ridiculous, this taxpayer free / free admission museum might not happen, but i figured id at least share my rendering of the similarities of Shigeru Ban and Mario the Plumber.

and here are a couple renderings of the conceptual design...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fun Times in the Sunshine...

So tonight, instead of jogging / walking like I should... I met up with a long time friend, Erin. We ate tons of Chinese at Plum Tree (and I give it a thumbs up on sketchiness, and tastiness) and quickly decided we were too full to even walk so we headed to the new chinese supermart (Asian Sunshine.. or something quirky and cute in that nature!). and oh boy! did we find some goodies! it was senses overload... First the smells (some good, mostly bad... think kitty litter box), then tons o' tons of overwhelming graphics (see the Pocky graphics! too fun) and then the fishies and meaties... ewww ewww.. so many pigs heads and bull testicals and live crawfish! Above are a few pics.. but all and all a fun fun day! I didn't brave the waters and get anything (unlike Erin, she racked up!) but I'll totes go back! 
picture001 - Erin checkin out the stash
picture002 - A self taken goober shot of me! (ignore the sketch hair)
picture003- Pocky, beautiful beautiful Pocky, and notice there is now Men's Pocky. wtf!?!?!
picture004 - a typically overwhelming aisle

Forget it Keyboard Cat!

Thanks Gavin for this cheerful keyboard cat!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I really shouldn't have..

But I just blew my savings on this... the TENORION!
I can't F'n wait to get it! Hooray for visualization and sounds coming together! and Little Boots is so awesome, but watch the F out, I'm gonna rock this too!

Friday, May 8, 2009

What I did today!

I made a lil' Indian graphic for a basketball court! hooray for that architecture degree I have and never use! ha! I'm hoping they like the last one (its my fave)... your thoughts?

Graphics realized!!!

here are some photos of the installation of some super graphics I designed for a physical therapy space!!! hooray for installed work!

Its Posters! ...part deux

Vintage Arcade Posters from Designer and art director Nick Dart has an amazing collection of graphic design from the 70's & 80's arcade era on his blog, Art of the Arcade. Here's a selection from his illustration, flyer, and logo sections.

This is sooo inspiration for WonderWorks and other graphic endeavors I'm working on, so I had to share! and many thanks Franklin for this find (via Google Reader). for more awesome examples visit color lover!

Why couldn't we get Dolly?

Entertainment legend and philanthropist Dolly Parton burst onto the stage at Thompson-Boling Arena this morning belting out "Rocky Top," a favorite University of Tennessee theme song, before giving a commencement speech marked by laughter and applause and receiving an honorary degree. - via knoxnews
When I graduated I don't think we even got an outsider to speak... Damn Arts and Sciences, don't these bitches know I love Dolly!

I love Google Chrome

and now I have this rad video (with sweet graphics reminisent of Film the Blanks) to explain why Google Chrome is so awesome!

A Great Interpretation of Movie Posters...

I stumbled upon this great site, Film the Blanks. The Author redesigns famous movie posters... unfortunately I'm not clever enough to figure out all the posters, but its a great time waster... fo'sho! and the graphics are really beautiful... totes worth checkin' out

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Knoxville Hero Passes

"I can relate to Knoxville as though she were a beautiful woman who needs to be dressed up and taken out. She has all the potential in the world," Mr. Kendrick said

While I didn't know William Kristopher Kendrick personally, I knew his work. Living and working Downtown I came in contact with so much that he did. Thanks for all you did.

His legacy has included structural gems all over town, from Patrick Sullivan's Saloon and The Emporium in the Old City to The Lord Lindsey and the Hotel St. Oliver downtown to The Dulin, once home to Knoxville's art gallery, and The Orangery, a continental restaurant he founded, on Kingston Pike.

"A lot of the Old City wouldn't be here if Kristopher hadn't purchased it. A lot of what he did was attain buildings that otherwise would have been demolished and kept them alive and in use today," said Knox Heritage Executive Director Kim Trent... more info

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One of the Best Songs I've heard...

in a long time.. and I don't think its even real!?! Well it is, it's done by Pogo, and uses only sounds from Disney's Alice in Wonderland.  You can download the song (which o.c. I did) here. This whole thing is so dream like, I mean how appropriate for Alice in Wonderland! Its mesmorizing and fun! I hope you enjoy! and if you really like it check it out on (even more trippy and amasing!). 

How Many Times Have I Done this?

Sent a text and immediately regretted it. Texting instead of callin' is great! almost always preferred! but there are the few too many drunken nights I send the embarrassing text. This site, Texts From Last Night has compiled those. its Tots funny!

I Really Should Get to Work. . .

But I found this too cute site, NORTON HERO, where I made myself a super hero... and for the record, yes, I am holding a mouse (that's my weapon - since I have great intelligence, ha!) and I figure since I'm ethnic I needed the jungle wear outfit.
Boy! do I wish I really had super powers! I think I would like to run really really fast... I mean think of the benefits...
1. I wouldn't have to watch my weight, which is always a struggle
2. I wouldn't be late, also another struggle
3. Its like being invisible, cause its sooooo fast!
4. I could travel anywhere!
5. I wouldn't have to fly (I hate flying - mainly heights)

if you go to the site and make one too, upload it! i tots want to see it!

Arial vs. Helvetica

I love a good fight to the death! and some cheesy font humor!

Grizzly Bear + Jools Holland =

AWESOME! and an amazing live show. These guys rock! as if I had any doubt after I saw them open for Radiohead about a year ago, but Two Weeks from the album Veckatimest is rockin' my face off. The continuing beat of the piano, the layered vocals. The only thing missing is the splat of the horns (saxaphone, maybe?) at the beginning. But Christ! what a great live performance.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Little Trance..

Nothing new, but great both songs are great to work to. There is something about computering (graphics and architecting) that makes 'electronic' music feel more valid. 

First is a rad remix of the beautiful Lily Allen's The Fear (remixed by Duke Dumont)
    Lily's vocals are almost absent, but the looping sounds and the ocasional hints of her still shine through. One again, the Duke has done a smashing job on an already infectious tune and made it better!

Second is the Discovery - Osaka Loop 
   Ra Ra Riots Frontman meets Vampire Weekend's Keyboardist. Its a hot dance toooon.. that isn't too tranced out there... Its whirls of sounds are great for headphones and puts a smile on my face whenever it comes on! I can't wait to hear more from these two!

if the artists or anyone associated with the songs would like these removed, please email me. thanks. 

Oh Oprah...

why do you have to go and encourage stereotypes? Not everyone in 'Brown Town' loves the colonel?!?! and even if they did, they don't want your not fried KFC chicken! No one wants, (gasp!) grilled chicken from KFC...  get a clue home slice... and please.. don't make this one of your favorite things!

Photoshop TUTS are the Best!!!

I stumbled upon this link via SmashingMag (best resource ever) on twitter. And I am in awe! I have book marked these! and Can't wait to try some out! If I had done enough blogging today, this could have been one of many winx to linx, but instead... its just one really really good looking site with tuts! enjoy!

Friday, May 1, 2009

A lil' kick back to my youth...

Its '91 son, so somethin's gotta change... hahahaha! thanks Ryan!

More New Music!!!

Beacause I can't quit searching for new bands, here my newest discovery, I can't keep off repeat! There is a great vibe and warmth in this song, Build It Up, that comes across. They are poppy, energic, chill, and reminds me of jamming with friends. Enjoy a New Favorite: One For The Team!

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