Thursday, April 26, 2012

{ Music for Designers }

well... maybe not for designers persae, but playlists by designers for designers. Did we need our own playlist maker application/website? not really. But is it cool and beautiful as all get out? You Betcha! DesignersMix signs you in through Twitter (so you gotta have one of those) and then you set up your playlists and add your own playlist art. This one particular playlist (I've just started out remember) links to this print for purchase... so that's another venue to get work out through, and never a bad thing! I'm not too sure if I'll totally switch over from Spotify, but it's nice to be able to listen to music with like minded-ness. Be sure to follow me if you decide to give it a try!

{ Eye Candy: Iphone Architecture }

 Serious love goes out to Artist Lynette Jackson, of Atlanta, Georgia, whose images are found on Page67 (flicker page). Jackson claims all her images are "taken, edited, and processed with her iphone". Pretty freakin' unbelievable! I can hardly take a picture that isn't blurry as all get out! Luckily filters (via instagram) help save the day, but daaammmnnn Ms. Jackson, these are serious eye candy! Below are a few of my faves (there were so many great ones to select from). I think I flocked towards the more 'brutalist' feeling ones... image Le Corbusier / Louis Kahn meets Polish Constructivism with a dash of Frank Stella vintage layering!

{ Best of Craigslist: Part Deux }

I didn't think anything would top this glorious unicorn ad I found a while back, but sure enough I did it! Well a humorous gent of the Seattle Craigslist did, so I'm gonna count it. Unfortunately it's been flagged... although some of us (me) flagged it for the best of, not removal. Nothing inappropriate, but I guess regular folks can't handle the awesomeness of this ad. It's a graphic and fun way to get rid of a car. Enjoy the GREATEST AD EVER put on Craigslist... yes, it's that glorious. click to enlarge (I had to print screen two images together, so excuse the slight ripple in tap-dancing).

Monday, April 23, 2012

{ This is turning out to be one cat filled blog }

Alright, I know the cat thing is getting a little out of control, but who can blame me? I feel like I've only posted the best of the best... ya know, the stuff you'd want to come back to for an, awwwww or half heart filled chuckle. Needless to say, Cats in Space is all that and a bag of chips! Enjoy!

{ Game of Fonts }

Well, no it's not a sweet game of thrones parody dripping with font nerdiness ... I wish! But, it's almost as good! It's Scrabble, but instead of it's ol' boring regular font, the whole game has been redesigned into the A-1 Scrabble Typography Edition by Andrew Clifford Capener, co-founder of 755 Marketing and Kneadbe.  For a measly (ha, right?) $199 you can own the nerdiest typography game around! {via}

Thursday, April 5, 2012

{ Ar-CAT-ecture }

kitkats drinkin from Oscar Niemeyer
cat attack in the lebbeus woods
Thanks to Cameron Sinclair (you know you know him as the founder of Architecture of Humanity) for this INCREDIBLE architecture over run with cats tumbler link! YAY for kitties + photoshop at it's finest! Enjoy! {via}

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

{ American Girls with American Girls }

I always wanted one. The girls who had American Girl dolls were always so cool! I knew they were silly and way over priced, but I thought I looked like Samantha (they didn't have Josephina when I was younger), and nothing would be cooler than looking like and dressing like a doll... now that does seem like crazy thoughts! Either way, artist, Ilonc Szwarc has photographed real life creepster, or 'American Girls' with their American Girl Dolls. {via}

{ PhotoShop's Evil Powers }

Although, I suppose it's only evil for the person who is being manipulated in photoshop-ed.  Well Alex + Oli has taken it upon themselves to edit his friend, Jame's facebook photos. A+O takes photos of James and tweaks his face ever so slightly, just enough to really piss off his friend... or maybe soon to be ex friend, James. I'm loving the comments at the bottom, courtesy of ol' pissed off James. To the left are a few of my faves, Enjoy! {via}

Monday, April 2, 2012

{ Rich People Say the Darnedest Things }

Well, maybe not all rich people, I mean Warren Buffet is pretty cool for a rich old white dude, but have you heard the garage coming out of Mitt Romney's mouth? I'm not really one to get 'involved' in politics, but come'on! How can this guy possibly believe what he is saying will appeal to Americans... Obviously I'm in the wrong here, or he'd be losing steam on the ol' campaign trail... then again, no one is really any better, huh? But LUCKILY, someone had the witts to pair quotes from Romney with stills of Lucille Bluth (from Arrested Development), and what a hoot they are! I don't have to try to hard to hear these quotes in a Lucille-esque voice. Here are a few of my faves, and be sure to check out the rest! {via}

On a somewhat related note, there is also a chuckle worth tumbler of Santorum hopes... yeah... that sounds weird, but it's titled, I Hope Rick Santorum, and is filled with funny-isms (gawh, I'm on a roll for writing that doesn't make sense). Enjoy!

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