Monday, April 2, 2012

{ Rich People Say the Darnedest Things }

Well, maybe not all rich people, I mean Warren Buffet is pretty cool for a rich old white dude, but have you heard the garage coming out of Mitt Romney's mouth? I'm not really one to get 'involved' in politics, but come'on! How can this guy possibly believe what he is saying will appeal to Americans... Obviously I'm in the wrong here, or he'd be losing steam on the ol' campaign trail... then again, no one is really any better, huh? But LUCKILY, someone had the witts to pair quotes from Romney with stills of Lucille Bluth (from Arrested Development), and what a hoot they are! I don't have to try to hard to hear these quotes in a Lucille-esque voice. Here are a few of my faves, and be sure to check out the rest! {via}

On a somewhat related note, there is also a chuckle worth tumbler of Santorum hopes... yeah... that sounds weird, but it's titled, I Hope Rick Santorum, and is filled with funny-isms (gawh, I'm on a roll for writing that doesn't make sense). Enjoy!

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