Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Camden, we have a problem....KC Update

Ohmygoodness! You may be asking yourselves where I have been lately? Well, we have had a few minor setbacks here in Kansas City.

One of them being that my 1.5 year old Apple computer's hard drive failed, and then went to hard drive heaven where nothing could be restored. Yes, I lost all my files, pictures, a little music, etc. (anything that I didn't have a copy of). What an ordeal! My advice: Buy an external hard drive and back up anything important. (No, I still don't recommend buying AppleCare)

The other problem, BROWN RECLUSES EVERYWHERE in my apartment! Thats right, brown recluse spiders, the potentially deadly spider that likes to hide in dark places. We captured/killed about 20 in 3 months. Here is a picture of our last day in our old apartment:

There are 8 spider traps (glue on cardstock) with a single brown recluse on each (I checked them all myself). One rather large one had pulled off half its own legs trying to get off the trap. We tried to catch a really BIG live one that day and it was strong enough to not get stuck (thats right, even when you do catch them, it will only be the small ones). Oh, and just incase you don't know what a brown recluse looks like here is a close up shot (look for the fiddle):

Needless to say, we got the hell outta there! We are now in a newer, larger, nicer apartment across the street. No spiders here, YET. We have more traps out, but so far have only caught a kitty cat with it, hehehe. She laid on it and got it stuck to her butt, that was fun to take off. I think she still has a little bald spot from it :)

So there we have it, my last couple of months in KC! Hopefully that will be the end of the bad luck and I can share some uplifting stories in the future. Tootles!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Building that got Left Behind

a great image and stumble, thanks to Pruned. Images by Marcus Buck, imprints of demolished houses left on other houses.

The Architecture of Star Wars

What a cute (and nerdy) stumble upon!!!

Top 10: The Architecture of Star Wars

A pleasing return to Classical symmetry, the Death Star was the run-away winner. Despite rumours of construction over-runs and structural weakness, this menacing spherical chunk of Brutalist infrastructure has
made its impression on a architects from Ledoux and Boullee to Heerim Architects’ lunar hotel.

Aren't You Jealous?

I'm goin to the Chattanooga Auction House this weekend...
and Hopefully I'll win those sweet green patio chairs or that modern (Nelson rip off) bench...

Keep Out of Reach of Children

Best Gtalk Stat of the day...Thanks to Jennifer for this great link! its definitely chuckle worthy...
check out the original here, plus tehehehe, no one likes kids anyways.

Watch out for public transportation...

This recent accident in DC, left one of my former roommates unharmed, but it is very sobering and leaves me ever so paranoid of public transportation. Brando, I am sooo glad you are safe...
his account of the accident is here...

Husband + Wife Bands?!?

This weekend, on my mini road trip, I rocked out to the Like Young, a great (no longer) husband and wife band (well, I think the marriage dissolved when the band did), But what is the allure (or success of these psuedo indie husband + wife bands? I mean, why are they so damn popular? and why is it in all these, the chicks are the drummers? They aren't that great (musically)... catchy yes, but deep in sound, you know the kind you can get lost in... no. But critiques aside, here are a few of my fave H+W's...

1. The Like Young - Dead Eyes. Probably my fave of this H+W band... very pixies-esque, gritty and the inaudiable lyrics add to their noisey ambience.

2. Matt and Kim - Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare. not a H+W sooo hot right now! and totally the most fun of the groups I have listed

3. Handsome Furs -What We Had. Not from their most current album, but one that consistantly makes it into my playlists.

4. Mates of State - Get Better. Almost forgot about these guys, thx Maddog

*Other notable H+W duos include The White Stripes (not a fave of mine, but very notable), Sirsy (mentioned in first post and apparently plays at Manhattans all the damn time), the Carpenters (B+S, not H+W, but a chick drummer and too cute), and their is romantic involvement (but no ring) with the Kills, the Bird and the Bee, and the Ting Tings. Got any others? Send me some suggestions!

This Weekend...

sorry I've been lacking on all the awesomeness that is mizmargauxxx, but let's get started with this past weekend. First off, what a fun town Chattanooga is! I was not expecting much, but instead I saw a great band (at Jj's), met a new friend (Rodger somethin), drank alot of PBR, ate at the Vine Street Market, and got my art on! Kat's new place is in the cutest neighborhood, and really all of Chatt (the parts we hung in) were too cute! It made me jealous and sad that Knox wasn't planned as nicely on the river. Well here is a pic of the Mural I'm paintin up in Kat's new bedroom... Its my first in years!!! (try 8 - atleast back in highschool was the last night I seriously painted a wall! ha!) But it made me fall in love all over again! Get me outta architect and put a paint brush in my hand!!! well, this is the first one, but I think I'm gonna try to moonlight this a little bit, atleast see where it goes, so if you guys know anyone (willing to pay o.c.) let me know... thanks! and more pics as it progresses

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What Am I Doin Today?

Battling with FormZ.. yeah, that damn dreaded program...

Best Stat of the Day

I know its early, but Kat has been battling with her new house for a good 2 months now! and this stat just made me ctm (<--- thanks 2Pz)!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Margauxxx's Mix

well, not really, but here are a few tracks rockin' my face off. They are all covers or remixes...

1. Travis - I Kissed a Girl (Katy Perry cover). Everyone else who has posted about this describes it as creepy, and I totes agree! The best part about this cover, or Travis in general (they did a beautiful version of Hit Me Baby One More Time - Britney Spears original) The original tone of the song is dramatically different, probably for the best.

2. The Phoenix - Playground Love (Air cover). Beautiful, sad, and done on KEXP live. Its gorgeous.

3. Kid Static vs. Matt and Kim - Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare

4. Ratatat - We Share Our Mother's Health remix (the Knife original)

Cartoon Love...

So this whole thing spawned from a friendly argument over how tall gnomes are, and i quickly responded with 8 inches due to my memories of David the Gnome. Which leads me to this...what happened to cartoons recently? and why aren't theme songs this awesome?!? and why are they dumbed so far down for their audience? shouldn't we be encouraging a higher subject matter and speak with our children?
I was obsessed with this show, even though I clearly remember (stooopid) Nickelodeon changing the schedule like 4 or 5 times, but I always found a way to watch it.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

In Time for Our Annual America Holiday..

Here is a nice lil' competition I wish I had time to enter. The Dollar ReDe$ign Project. Some are funny commentaries on America, others are actually really nice... For all you bored puppies out there, its totally worth enter, I mean they've only gotten 25 entries (and they sounded so proud of that low number). To borrow a quote from GOB (George Oscar Bluth) "COME ON!"

Heels on Wheels

So I have been slacking on the derby inspired links and posts. But here is one that won't disappoint. Its HEELS ON FUCKIN WHEELS! Its Dorthy meets BADASSNESS! get me a pair asap!

Liz Lemon is Kermit the Frog

So I am a huge fan of 30 rock... I own both seasons (that are released), have seen every episode like a dozen + times, and quote it pretty regularly... but when I came across this post I was a lil' baffled. I mean, they can't be serious. But Brian Lynch does make some pretty good points. I don't think I will go as far as to say its a rip off of the classic Muppets, but there are a few too many similarities. I mean, Tina Faye probably just realizes where good comedy starts, in our youth!
check it, here's an excerpt...
Both are the most normal characters on their respective shows. Both are unlucky at love. Both are neurotic worrywarts and type-a personalities who slow burn into a crazy breakdown once per episode. AND both have some kind of flirtation with the guest stars that ultimately goes nowhere. There is absolutely no difference between Liz Lemon and Kermit the Frog save for genitalia (Liz is a lady, Kermit has none).

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

exhibit design...

Here are a few inspiration images I have collected along the way for this Interiors project / psuedo exhibit design I have been workin on. Its not quite Type Hype but still worth sharing.

KAT bus gets a makeover!!!



think clueless... but way less fun! Knoxville Area Transit unveils its hot new look! Thanks! it totes needed it!
for more info click here

Type Hype

This is the first (official) installment of Type Hype. With this post I will cover all things bad ass I find related to typography... Enjoy!

1. Normally I am not a fan of typography making faces, animals, etc. but this one is actually really cool. Steven Paul Jobs by Dylan Roscover

2. More awesome movie poster interpretations by favianohikaru. I am loving the Pulp Fiction / Bible quotes coming together in an explosion with the gun. love for sld!

3. A recent discover thanks to, Robin Libbrecht is a design student with a love for typography and music. His interest in hardcore and punk music can really be seen in some of his other works not listed here.

4. and Finally, a great post by Nubby on her typofiles post. This one was on Megan Fox in Elle magazine. Its a great swirl of text that totes reminds me of the good ol' days of the spiral graph!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Monday, June 1, 2009

So I know this is about...

Two weekends late, but here are pics of my bad ass Memorial Day Weekend! First Thursday was fun fun fun with Erin makin a cake out of coke (wtf, right? but it was major tastey!) Then Friday was loads-O-Fun with a fun karaoke night with Katie, Donnie, Erin, Aaron, and Todd. Followed by the Features at Barleys (great great great live show!!!) and sunday night ended with a new friend (whom I might be totally crushin on) visiting and a small adventure all over knox! (think Barleys, Senor, Urban, Pilot Light, Pres Pub, and Backroom). 
Enjoy the pics!
1 - Me on Thursday - post margaritas and self taken I might add
2, 3, 4 - The Features Rockin out at Barleys!
5 - Our first pitcher of the night, totes a sad one that there isn't one of me and John (insert pouty face here)
6 - typical and awesome faces around the old city (how I love thee old city...)

A Silly List...

According to, YAMoPo has created another ranking for the most popular architecture sites (blogs). What I dont get is why blogs like 2PzNaPpod aren't on there... I mean they keep me up to date with their Nerd Alert!
here's the top 10
Overall (Arch only + Arch & related)
  1. Inhabitat - totes a fun one! great green tips and news
  2. Mocoloco - not a reg. of mine
  3. Dezeen - fun and great oma -esque graphics
  4. Notcot - yes yes yes! I adore this site! I even follow these bitches on twitter!
  5. Archinect - cute and great for job postings
  6. The Coolhunter
  7. World Architecture News - the cnn of architecture, worthy of the list, but not worth checking that often
  8. Dwell Blog - why hasn't this site and publication given up?... I'll take anyday!
  9. World Changing
  10. E-Architect

Music + Design

How can these things not go hand in hand? I've (in the past 2 weeks) come across 2 great sites or articles about this: Music + Design. Bands, album art, videos, imagery that is evoked when listening to music, its the stuff that really gets me turned on! yesh, I'm sooo serious about this.

So here are my two great finds (and consider this a lil' winx to linx, since its been mia for a while)
1. 100 obscure and remarkable cd covers - via, but don't they always have the coolest finds? And who doesn't love a good album cover? My only complaint would be lack of 70's Yes albums, sooo psychedelic.
2. Bands& A great site I stumbled upon when trying to soak up all things from White Rabbits (totes the best new band I've heard in a while! get this album!!! white rabbits myspace). A great blog by RichSamuels, someone I totes recommend following via twitter!

Its been a while

so why not begin this week with this sweet font rubik's cube!!!???!!! Hooray for typeface!

Jas Bhachu at the liverpool school of art & design created the 'rubik's cube font generator'
earlier this year for a brief that asked students to produce a visual representation of the word 'move'. the design uses a standard rubik's cube with stamps on four of its sides so that users can make their own typeface. an ink pad and multi-lingual instructions are also included in the neat little pack. -via
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