Monday, June 1, 2009

Music + Design

How can these things not go hand in hand? I've (in the past 2 weeks) come across 2 great sites or articles about this: Music + Design. Bands, album art, videos, imagery that is evoked when listening to music, its the stuff that really gets me turned on! yesh, I'm sooo serious about this.

So here are my two great finds (and consider this a lil' winx to linx, since its been mia for a while)
1. 100 obscure and remarkable cd covers - via, but don't they always have the coolest finds? And who doesn't love a good album cover? My only complaint would be lack of 70's Yes albums, sooo psychedelic.
2. Bands& A great site I stumbled upon when trying to soak up all things from White Rabbits (totes the best new band I've heard in a while! get this album!!! white rabbits myspace). A great blog by RichSamuels, someone I totes recommend following via twitter!

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