Monday, June 1, 2009

A Silly List...

According to, YAMoPo has created another ranking for the most popular architecture sites (blogs). What I dont get is why blogs like 2PzNaPpod aren't on there... I mean they keep me up to date with their Nerd Alert!
here's the top 10
Overall (Arch only + Arch & related)
  1. Inhabitat - totes a fun one! great green tips and news
  2. Mocoloco - not a reg. of mine
  3. Dezeen - fun and great oma -esque graphics
  4. Notcot - yes yes yes! I adore this site! I even follow these bitches on twitter!
  5. Archinect - cute and great for job postings
  6. The Coolhunter
  7. World Architecture News - the cnn of architecture, worthy of the list, but not worth checking that often
  8. Dwell Blog - why hasn't this site and publication given up?... I'll take anyday!
  9. World Changing
  10. E-Architect

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