Saturday, July 31, 2010

{ Where German Babies Come From }

John sent me this NSFW link, on where German Babies Come From. It's really disturbing, way to not hold anything back Germans! ... I also (not that I work) didn't expect it to be so graphic, and what the F is the doctor doin the whole time other than bein' a perv? lol! Enjoy! {via}

{ So True }


Friday, July 23, 2010

{ Tweeting Nation }

This nifty lil' vid shows the pulsating mood of the nation via tweets. It's surprising how overwhelmingly angry our country is, but at least the south pulls through around lunch time and late evening with a lil green (tehehehe)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

{ I'll drink to that Furry }

Seems like the rich boys are BrewDog are at it again. Not only did they recently shatter the world's record with most alcohol, most expensive, and just weird (but secretly I love it!) beer! Costing a whooping $765 a 12oz bottle, and containing 55% AVB and comes in it's own taxidermied koozie. Yes, that's right, you get this beer served to you in a dead squirrel! YUM!

This blond Belgian ale is infused with nettles from the Scottish Highlands and Fresh juniper berries. Only 12 bottles have been made and each comes with its own certificate and is presented in a stuffed stoat or grey squirrel. The striking packaging was created by a very talented taxidermist and all the animals used were road kill. This release is a limited run of 11 bottles, 7 stoats and 4 grey squirrels. Each ones comes with its own certificate of authenticity.{via}

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

{ Numbers so BIG Your Brain Shuts Down }

 Factcodesign recently put together this awesome infographic (and we all know how I love a good infographic) for the world's biggest problems. It's super scarey and did infact make my head spin... but you know, I got problems too, and I swear sometimes my stuff seems bigger than this! Talk about a first world problem! lol! {via}

{ Cute Package }

This was just too awesome, not to share! These Panasonic Headphone's packaging is too cute! Thanks Lovely Package!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

{ Classic }

I haven't seen one of these in forever! and what a better time than during this 3rd place match for the World Cup! Enjoy, Will It Blend!, a fave of mine. Here we see if those awesome vuvuzelas will blend.... I have a hunch they will.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

{ Hot Chip }

Has anyone else seen this video? Why did I just hear / see it last night? Luckily Daniel and his lovely lady hooked me up, but damn! this video is crazy! It completely threw me off, I am a pretty big Hot Chip fan, and this vid does not disappoint. Enjoy! and don't let the backstreet boys-esqueness throw you off.

Friday, July 2, 2010

{ ctm. }

{ First Friday }

Tonight should be a better First Friday than normal! there is a bad ass open house at the Southeastern Glass Building (worked on by Michael and his awesome firm Sanders Pace) is having a pretty awesome open house, and my dad is having a show at Urban Bar and Cafe! It's the first time in like 20+ years he's had a show! so be sure to come on out and enjoy the festivities and drink and maybe buy some art! (below are a few of my faves)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

{ Ozzy Osborne holds the Secrets of Life }

Apparently scientists are poking around at Ozzy Osborne's DNA to figure out why he is so damn healthy! (that just doesn't make sense!) Apparently his excessive life of substance abuse has not phased him (physically) while so many from his era have over dosed. I don't know if these scientists ever saw the Osbornes but Ozzy didn't seem all there (mentally) so ... I'm a lil confused on their latest research... {via}

{ Happy Canada Day! }

In honor of my wonderful boyfriend and his family, Happy Canada Day!

Be sure to thank your Canadian friends for Indie Music (bss, metric, stars, do make say thing) Bryan Adams, hockey, maple syrup, and socialized health care!

{ Halloween Planning }

It's never too early to plan something bad ass! That's why I think I want to go as Kali, the 6 armed Goddess, for Halloween. What do you think? I don't want to offend anyone... and plenty of people go as Jesus (drunk or goofy) all the time. I just think this goddess is bad ass! Plus I need to get started paper mache-ing up those arms and maybe a severed head.

{ School Project }

Not to be overly architecture heavy today, but I found this pretty cute school project video. It's a pretty rad diagram and provides a nice understanding of the whole site. The residential section is straight lifting from Unite d'habitation (Le Corb) but other than that, it's a cute info video! and be sure to stay to the end, the daft punk makes it all worth it.

{ buzzin' in my ears }

A fun new Ke$ha .. yeah, yeah, I know, I shouldn't like her, but this Nashville native is soo damn catchy... song with 3OH!3. it got me dancin' this morning! thanks Kat!!!

{ Vanity Fair knows Architecture }

Or they think they do... They asked 52 experts (deans of arch schools, starchitects, and architecture critics) what are some of the world's most influential buildings post 1980. The list, for a magazine with no real authority on architecture, did put together a pretty decent list. and I guess the most exciting part for me, was out of the top 21, I had visited 7. {via}  and not to go on a whole other rant, but does it bother anyone else, that Tod WIlliams and Billie Tsien are counted as one vote, while Ricardo Scofidio (from Diller Scofidio) is counted individually? The list of women voters are far and few between, and here we have some acting and voting with their male counter part... so sad.

{ Our Solar System }

Stumbled upon this beautiful animated infographic last night of our solar system. It is made up of only CSS3 border radius, transforms, and animations. {via} sorry I couldn't embed it, but it's worth the hop over. Also for those dorky computer people (me included...) here's the IE version! {via}
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