Friday, October 28, 2011

{ One Big Room Full of Bad Bitches }

That's right, this is a cute game based off the cuteness that is Kreayshawn... remember that infectious Gucci Gucci song? Well now you can help Kreayshawn fight off those fake bitches and take away their Gucci's to become the bad-est bitch!
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{ Wine Review II: Duplin Winery Hatteras Red}

alright... here's the second review

Wine Review I: Duplin Hatteras Red
Price: $9.99
Pros: We wanted a local or organic red... and this is local-ish (North Carolina), but unfortunately not organic. It's sweet, great chilled (which I'm totally into a chilled red lately), had a cute cork graphic, a nice floral and berry like aroma. It's made with muscadine grapes, something John (the Looney Boyfriend) had not heard of, but wanted to try once I convinced him how tastey they are. And it was Light, something I found really nice for a sweet wine, because in my previous experiences some sweet wines are really syrup-y. I believe that has a fancy wine name, but for now we're goin with syrup-y.
Cons:  It could be on the air of too sweet. We had a nice bbq chicken pizza with it, and I almost had to wait to drink this after my meal was finished. Like I said in the Pro's it wasn't heavy or anything, just very flavorful to mix with a meal. Seems more appropriate with a dessert or post dinner.
 Overall: 89% - Remember I'm still refining the ranking / rating system, but this was a delightfully light (and sweet) wine. A definate get again!

( My Boyfriend: the Loon }

John, the Loon, with The Bean.
Yes, I suppose it's true, my baby's daddy believes the earth is flat. I know it sounds crazy, but isn't everyone entitled to their few crazy ideologies?... let's say it keeps things interesting. When we first started dating, I did what any normal girl would do and googled, john davis, and to my amazement I found a BBC article about a 'flat earther' scientist from Chattanooga (originally Canada) who does in fact believe this idea of a 'round earth' is just a conspiracy by the government.

Now, I know that confirmed his crazy, but really what kept me around was this quote, "I came to realize how much we take at face value," davis says. "We humans seem to be pleased with just accepting what we are told, no matter how much it goes against our senses." This stuck with me, I think because it's something that is beat into us in academia (my first love). Too often, we just agree with what we are told and move on, but is it not how we progress or learn to be constantly questioning? But that's for a whole 'nother day. For now, here's my boyfriend, the Loon's interview on American Loon. 

Friday, October 21, 2011

{ Wine Review I: Rex Goliath Merlot }

So I've always liked to drink, but usually it's not mattered what. If there is alcohol in it, I'll take it, but since becoming a mom, and going out and drinking isn't as easy as before, I've started to really be more interested in what I am drinking, and the quality of it, and taste. So I've decided to embrace this whole 'mom' thing and keep a record (via the blog) of all my 'tastings'. Now I'm not by any means a wine taster or do I claim to have a good pallette for this sort of thing, but I'm hoping with these postings, I'll develop more and become more knowledgable on these matters. So here goes! Also please feel free to comment, or recommend anything too!

Wine Review I: Rex Goliath Merlot
Price: $6.99
Pros: it was dry, and cheap... which might of been a selling point, but I would not recommend it or get it again. It did have a decent label... I mean, come on, a proud cock, I guess it was totally an impulse buy.
Cons:  strong alcohol taste and smell.... was recommend for best buys under 10 at my local liquor store, but I think I prefer the penguin wine (typically my wine of cheap choice)
Overall: 58% - I haven't fully worked out the ranking / rating system, but this would not be a get-again wine.
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