Friday, October 21, 2011

{ Wine Review I: Rex Goliath Merlot }

So I've always liked to drink, but usually it's not mattered what. If there is alcohol in it, I'll take it, but since becoming a mom, and going out and drinking isn't as easy as before, I've started to really be more interested in what I am drinking, and the quality of it, and taste. So I've decided to embrace this whole 'mom' thing and keep a record (via the blog) of all my 'tastings'. Now I'm not by any means a wine taster or do I claim to have a good pallette for this sort of thing, but I'm hoping with these postings, I'll develop more and become more knowledgable on these matters. So here goes! Also please feel free to comment, or recommend anything too!

Wine Review I: Rex Goliath Merlot
Price: $6.99
Pros: it was dry, and cheap... which might of been a selling point, but I would not recommend it or get it again. It did have a decent label... I mean, come on, a proud cock, I guess it was totally an impulse buy.
Cons:  strong alcohol taste and smell.... was recommend for best buys under 10 at my local liquor store, but I think I prefer the penguin wine (typically my wine of cheap choice)
Overall: 58% - I haven't fully worked out the ranking / rating system, but this would not be a get-again wine.

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