Friday, April 23, 2010

{ type hype! }

Thanks to Jennifer (once again) for the great gtalk link! So you need a typeface is like any other infographic, but a million times more awesome and nerdy cause it's type related! Check it! {via}

Sunday, April 18, 2010

{ eye candy XII }

Seems like this weekend is heavy on the eye candy.. but what can I say, I've been searching for inspiration for some great logo designs for a project I'm trying to finish up today. LogoDesignLove posted this a few weeks ago, and I just found it and fell in logo design love. I was especially in love with the 'a's.. enjoy!
Check out the full set too! {via}

{ Hobo Chic }

Apparently this dude in China is quickly becoming a fashion icon and trendsetter. Refered to as Brother Sharp, he has a distinguished snarl, cig hanging out of mouth, his layering and mixing of woman's clothing is his signature, but I guess a homeless dude doesn't have much choice but to do so to stay warm. Many have tried to help him out, or even get to know his story, but remember .. he is homeless and straight up craz-zay!  {via}

Thursday, April 15, 2010

{ eye candy XI }

Reading through my googlebuzz today (which really only happens like once a month.. sorry google) I found this great post via Franklin which is really via COLOURlovers... I found this video and the vintage graphics fun! enjoy!

{ I think I need an Ipad }

So shredder can have as much fun as this lil' kitty... Thanks for the gtalk link Jennifer!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

{ NYC was attacked by 8 bit creatures }

Oh no! in the new short film from Patrick Jean, we see NYC seized and invaded by our fave. 8 bits. Residents of Earth Beware.. they are coming! ctm.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

{ watch out! }

Within the next day or so, M + J Design Bureau is going to launch...yes, I'm the M in M + J. be sure to check it out regularly and if you need a personal website, stationary, print media, or wall graphic or interior done. Let me know! also here's a sneak peak at the home page....

Monday, April 5, 2010

{ what I've been working on }

some lil' web designs I've been toiling away on... I'll keep you posted on which one they go with, but the bottom is def. my fave!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

{ linxxx luv }

Here's some great finds I have been holding on too...
1. Design Observer.  posted a great collection of vintage cigarettes and photos... not that I'm a smoker, but I think had I lived 50+ years ago I wouldn't be able to turn it down, it was so damn glamorous! {via}

2. Friends of Type . this great site was a stumble / recommended to me via Nubbytwiglet (which I know I mention all the damn time - so if you haven't check her out). but I knew I would love this site as soon as I opened it and saw in green, orange, and white 'D'yer Wanna Be a Spaceman?'. this was without a doubt one of my fave Oasis bsides, and the graphic on the site was hot2death. linxxx luv fo'sho. {via}

3. Have you heard of Senoa Dancing? they were a new wave group from way back when... but do you recognize the singer? cause you should. It's Ricky Gervais, from the Office (UK) The Invention of Lying. This cute pudgy fellow actually tried a serious time singing new wave... just too funny! {via}

4. Fashion Indie's Top 10 Favorite Fashion Pervs (nsfw). but totally worth it. A nice lilttle collection of some classy yet creepy peoples, like tom ford, karl lagerfeld, and the grandmama madonna. {via}

5. Schrute Farms . yes, that's right you can leave Schrute Farms a nice lil' review on trip advisor. and if you don't leave one, atleast check out the others... ctm!

6. W+K Studio . a nice graphics firm. and worth the book mark. {via}

7. Hoefler & Frere-Jones . who doesn't need another great tutorial / write up on fonts? here the H&FJ folks help us out with 4 different ways to combine fonts! thnxxx {via}

{ what's old is new }

some fantastic vintage beer graphics / cans {via} I am in love with LITE BEER, so simple, and so bold!

{ eye candy... well... sort of.... }

It's infographic time! and I usually post these under eye candy (insert continuing roman numerals) but these graphics aren't particularly beautiful, and are in fact crude... looking like they came from an export in excel/ But...they do get the job done. Illustrating the problems rappers face and their daily life. it's def. ctm-worthy. (via).

{ a firm of inspiration }

Kell Munoz Architects first caught my eye via design vagabondia with their new design for the Texas Fine Arts Center. The use of color in the stark landscape is what really got me, but after fumbling through their website (which is a lil clunky and loads all weird and the background on the project page seems really disconnected ... but all that aside) had 2 or 3 projects worth bookmarking. It's a low key eye candy, and a few reoccurring post. Enjoy!

{ Ohhh and how could I forget! }

Happy Easter! I'm not religious by all means, but Easter is still a great excuse for family, friends, and great food! (so count me in!) I hope you'all have a great Easter!

{ Hipsters Attack! }

Found this via a friend's post on Facebook, and it was just too funny not to share... and who doesn't like seeing the hipsters being poked fun at?

{ ctm. }

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