Friday, October 28, 2011

( My Boyfriend: the Loon }

John, the Loon, with The Bean.
Yes, I suppose it's true, my baby's daddy believes the earth is flat. I know it sounds crazy, but isn't everyone entitled to their few crazy ideologies?... let's say it keeps things interesting. When we first started dating, I did what any normal girl would do and googled, john davis, and to my amazement I found a BBC article about a 'flat earther' scientist from Chattanooga (originally Canada) who does in fact believe this idea of a 'round earth' is just a conspiracy by the government.

Now, I know that confirmed his crazy, but really what kept me around was this quote, "I came to realize how much we take at face value," davis says. "We humans seem to be pleased with just accepting what we are told, no matter how much it goes against our senses." This stuck with me, I think because it's something that is beat into us in academia (my first love). Too often, we just agree with what we are told and move on, but is it not how we progress or learn to be constantly questioning? But that's for a whole 'nother day. For now, here's my boyfriend, the Loon's interview on American Loon. 

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