Friday, October 28, 2011

{ Wine Review II: Duplin Winery Hatteras Red}

alright... here's the second review

Wine Review I: Duplin Hatteras Red
Price: $9.99
Pros: We wanted a local or organic red... and this is local-ish (North Carolina), but unfortunately not organic. It's sweet, great chilled (which I'm totally into a chilled red lately), had a cute cork graphic, a nice floral and berry like aroma. It's made with muscadine grapes, something John (the Looney Boyfriend) had not heard of, but wanted to try once I convinced him how tastey they are. And it was Light, something I found really nice for a sweet wine, because in my previous experiences some sweet wines are really syrup-y. I believe that has a fancy wine name, but for now we're goin with syrup-y.
Cons:  It could be on the air of too sweet. We had a nice bbq chicken pizza with it, and I almost had to wait to drink this after my meal was finished. Like I said in the Pro's it wasn't heavy or anything, just very flavorful to mix with a meal. Seems more appropriate with a dessert or post dinner.
 Overall: 89% - Remember I'm still refining the ranking / rating system, but this was a delightfully light (and sweet) wine. A definate get again!

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