Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Type Hype

This is the first (official) installment of Type Hype. With this post I will cover all things bad ass I find related to typography... Enjoy!

1. Normally I am not a fan of typography making faces, animals, etc. but this one is actually really cool. Steven Paul Jobs by Dylan Roscover

2. More awesome movie poster interpretations by favianohikaru. I am loving the Pulp Fiction / Bible quotes coming together in an explosion with the gun. love for sld!

3. A recent discover thanks to, Robin Libbrecht is a design student with a love for typography and music. His interest in hardcore and punk music can really be seen in some of his other works not listed here.

4. and Finally, a great post by Nubby on her typofiles post. This one was on Megan Fox in Elle magazine. Its a great swirl of text that totes reminds me of the good ol' days of the spiral graph!

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