Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Husband + Wife Bands?!?

This weekend, on my mini road trip, I rocked out to the Like Young, a great (no longer) husband and wife band (well, I think the marriage dissolved when the band did), But what is the allure (or success of these psuedo indie husband + wife bands? I mean, why are they so damn popular? and why is it in all these, the chicks are the drummers? They aren't that great (musically)... catchy yes, but deep in sound, you know the kind you can get lost in... no. But critiques aside, here are a few of my fave H+W's...

1. The Like Young - Dead Eyes. Probably my fave of this H+W band... very pixies-esque, gritty and the inaudiable lyrics add to their noisey ambience.

2. Matt and Kim - Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare. not a H+W sooo hot right now! and totally the most fun of the groups I have listed

3. Handsome Furs -What We Had. Not from their most current album, but one that consistantly makes it into my playlists.

4. Mates of State - Get Better. Almost forgot about these guys, thx Maddog

*Other notable H+W duos include The White Stripes (not a fave of mine, but very notable), Sirsy (mentioned in first post and apparently plays at Manhattans all the damn time), the Carpenters (B+S, not H+W, but a chick drummer and too cute), and their is romantic involvement (but no ring) with the Kills, the Bird and the Bee, and the Ting Tings. Got any others? Send me some suggestions!

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