Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Camden, we have a problem....KC Update

Ohmygoodness! You may be asking yourselves where I have been lately? Well, we have had a few minor setbacks here in Kansas City.

One of them being that my 1.5 year old Apple computer's hard drive failed, and then went to hard drive heaven where nothing could be restored. Yes, I lost all my files, pictures, a little music, etc. (anything that I didn't have a copy of). What an ordeal! My advice: Buy an external hard drive and back up anything important. (No, I still don't recommend buying AppleCare)

The other problem, BROWN RECLUSES EVERYWHERE in my apartment! Thats right, brown recluse spiders, the potentially deadly spider that likes to hide in dark places. We captured/killed about 20 in 3 months. Here is a picture of our last day in our old apartment:

There are 8 spider traps (glue on cardstock) with a single brown recluse on each (I checked them all myself). One rather large one had pulled off half its own legs trying to get off the trap. We tried to catch a really BIG live one that day and it was strong enough to not get stuck (thats right, even when you do catch them, it will only be the small ones). Oh, and just incase you don't know what a brown recluse looks like here is a close up shot (look for the fiddle):

Needless to say, we got the hell outta there! We are now in a newer, larger, nicer apartment across the street. No spiders here, YET. We have more traps out, but so far have only caught a kitty cat with it, hehehe. She laid on it and got it stuck to her butt, that was fun to take off. I think she still has a little bald spot from it :)

So there we have it, my last couple of months in KC! Hopefully that will be the end of the bad luck and I can share some uplifting stories in the future. Tootles!


kylie said...

adrienne. that shit is TeRrIfYiNg!!!

you forgot one rule from arch. school though. in future spider pics, please include a recognizable object to demonstrate relative scale. k thx.

but seriously. scary post. ima have nightmares.

Sara Martin said...

OMG, Adoo. I don't know if I've ever told you this, but I had a scary camp counselor when I was 10 who told us this awful story about how her friend got bit by a brown recluse and his leg rotted off. ROTTED OFF. Needless to say, dying from a brown recluse bite has since been my biggest fear. Glad you guys are out of there.

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