Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Really Should Get to Work. . .

But I found this too cute site, NORTON HERO, where I made myself a super hero... and for the record, yes, I am holding a mouse (that's my weapon - since I have great intelligence, ha!) and I figure since I'm ethnic I needed the jungle wear outfit.
Boy! do I wish I really had super powers! I think I would like to run really really fast... I mean think of the benefits...
1. I wouldn't have to watch my weight, which is always a struggle
2. I wouldn't be late, also another struggle
3. Its like being invisible, cause its sooooo fast!
4. I could travel anywhere!
5. I wouldn't have to fly (I hate flying - mainly heights)

if you go to the site and make one too, upload it! i tots want to see it!

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