Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fun Times in the Sunshine...

So tonight, instead of jogging / walking like I should... I met up with a long time friend, Erin. We ate tons of Chinese at Plum Tree (and I give it a thumbs up on sketchiness, and tastiness) and quickly decided we were too full to even walk so we headed to the new chinese supermart (Asian Sunshine.. or something quirky and cute in that nature!). and oh boy! did we find some goodies! it was senses overload... First the smells (some good, mostly bad... think kitty litter box), then tons o' tons of overwhelming graphics (see the Pocky graphics! too fun) and then the fishies and meaties... ewww ewww.. so many pigs heads and bull testicals and live crawfish! Above are a few pics.. but all and all a fun fun day! I didn't brave the waters and get anything (unlike Erin, she racked up!) but I'll totes go back! 
picture001 - Erin checkin out the stash
picture002 - A self taken goober shot of me! (ignore the sketch hair)
picture003- Pocky, beautiful beautiful Pocky, and notice there is now Men's Pocky. wtf!?!?!
picture004 - a typically overwhelming aisle

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