Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Knoxville Hero Passes

"I can relate to Knoxville as though she were a beautiful woman who needs to be dressed up and taken out. She has all the potential in the world," Mr. Kendrick said

While I didn't know William Kristopher Kendrick personally, I knew his work. Living and working Downtown I came in contact with so much that he did. Thanks for all you did.

His legacy has included structural gems all over town, from Patrick Sullivan's Saloon and The Emporium in the Old City to The Lord Lindsey and the Hotel St. Oliver downtown to The Dulin, once home to Knoxville's art gallery, and The Orangery, a continental restaurant he founded, on Kingston Pike.

"A lot of the Old City wouldn't be here if Kristopher hadn't purchased it. A lot of what he did was attain buildings that otherwise would have been demolished and kept them alive and in use today," said Knox Heritage Executive Director Kim Trent... more info

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Wright said...

Kristopher certainly left his mark on Knoxville. And I'm glad that he did. RIP.

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