Monday, March 7, 2011

{ Movie Barcodes }

Requiem for a Dream

Moviebarcode is way cooler than it sounds. Apparently this site takes movies and reduces each frame of the film to a stretched out still and smashes 'em all up together (in super crude terms)... this might explain it better.
Each ‘barcode’ on the site features every frame of a given film vertically stretched and then assembled into something that looks like a barcode. The result is like a graph that charts the use of color in any given movie. Note: there is no actual data encoded within these graphics. Yes, I tried a barcode scanner on a few. I’d love to see someone figure out how to add more specific info, but as is this is a weird, oblique way to look at part of a film’s visual style in one broad overview. It is like being able to go down to a paint store and grab a card of paint chips representing some of your favorite movies. {via}
Whatever is going down, it's beautiful, and I love the idea of potentially embedding more information into those images. Right now I'm happy to just enjoy the palette of these films as a one image 'barcode'.  

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