Friday, March 25, 2011

{ 2022: The Age of Artificial Clouds }

The Year: 2022. The Place: Qatar. The Idea: Artificial Clouds. That's right, scientists are working around the clock to make sure that Qatar, trust me I hadn't heard of this country either, will be cool enough during the summer months for the 2022 World Cup. Originally rumored the games would have to take place during winter, which is a whole nother tangent, the game officials are considering moving them back to the ridiculously hot summer months if these half a million (each) man-made clouds become a reality. I don't know about all this... part of me loves that the technology is there, the other part is worried... I mean haven't we F'ed with mother nature enough? But I think we can all agree that if the games had just been in South America this would have been tons easier. Either way Diller + Scofidio should eat their hearts out!  {via}

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