Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I always wanted to go there!

seems like the failing economy is hurting everyone (but who didn't know this?) Parie Avenue Bookstore in Chicago will be closing its door at the end of the summer. How sad. There are not many great architectural bookstores, so this is truly a sad day for the architecture community.
Marilyn Hasbrouck, who owns the store along with her husband Wilbert, said that changes in the bookselling market have taken a toll, including competition from online retailers like Amazon and big-box stores like Barnes & Noble. “Amazon has a clout that is just unimaginable. Their discounts are larger than our costs,” she told AN. The recession, however, has had an even more acute impact. “Everyone knows this is a terrible time for architects,” she said. “People have less money to spend.”
-via the architect's newspaper

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