Friday, July 24, 2009

friends of mizmargauxxx

Good friend of mizmargauxxx, Nata lee left knoxville (like we all should be doing) to pursue better things in the big city. It seems like she is doing very well!
I stumbled upon this scarf her and her beau made, and it seems like they are making a handful of other goodies via etsy. Their items are too cute! and have the best profile:

Bio We are two young designers, trained as architects. These projects are our experiments with materials and methods. Recycling otherwise unused materials into objects for people's everyday use is our passion. We design with purpose and repurpose in mind.

I mean who doesn't swoon over +'s and red ... its sooo swiss. I heart you Nata Lee!

1 comment:

natalee said...

hhhhey. thanks for the mention! haha. now if only you bought one...

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