Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Linx Luv

This week's installment of Linxxx Luv...

1. Miss Molly gtalked a great link that kept me cracking up all week: Emails from an Asshole. I know what this guy says is just to get under these people's skin, but seriously?!? are there really that many idiots placing ad on craigslist?!?

2. 69 Stunning Gig Posters: What's design without music? What's music without design? has collected 69 of the coolest band posters, but some are a lil' too Yee-Haw without truely being letterpress.

3. Another great linx from a friend, Angela posted 101 Simple Salads for the Season (the season being summer? cause its very cold for July in Knoxville). But since work's been rough (pay cuts and all) a group of my coworkers and I have been alternating days we bring in lunch for each other, so this post made for a great bookmark to try out next week.

4. This most be love my friends week! Cause I keep meaning to post Sara Martin's new business endeavor, Arbonne Cosmetics! Check out her site! I recently (ha, like 2 months ago) ordered the Figure 8 plan and am loving it (when I remember it, but that's a personal thing)

5. Three Potato Four: a great vintage love all site! the cutest home accessories around... now only if I didn't get that pay cut, I could maybe splurge...

6. Wes Anderson's Perfect Mixtape., "
It is verifiably true that white people love Wes Anderson movies, they also love Wes Anderson. This midgety little auteur has come a long way since his magnificent debut feature, Bottle Rocket. Here is a brief guide to the cinema of Wes Anderson before we hand it over to him to discuss his musical taste."

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