Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jon Stewart is the next Cronkite?

According to a poll conducted by Time Jon Stewart is the most trusted newscaster today. Personally nothing would make me happier than to have ol' Jon telling us the new on a legit channel. I think too many think he's a joke, but he's been rocking the world just telling us ''truth bombs' as it is.
Check this one out, last night Jon took on "birthers" last night, mocking their internal leadership and the media figures and politicians who support them - via huffington post.

and on a side note, Time has a significant other number of polls that definitely can be chuckle worthy like what is your fave. harry potter character? Who would have guessed it wasn't Ron...?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Time Polls are the most unreliable things on the planet because their easily skewed results. Their credibility falls out of the window as soon as they're posted.

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