Sunday, January 16, 2011

{ Heavy Machine }

So the great Nubbytwiglet (whom I swoon over her and her style and her work) has been doing some great graphics for Solestruck, an amazing shoe site. So I then liked 'em on facebook, and through a lil' convo got turned on to these INCREDIBLE shoes, Heavy Machine. The color blocking and new lines are a fresh take to the every of what I see in shoes. Oh! and I almost forgot! the designers of these shoes have the best story! Two Taiwanese ladies wanted to fulfill the dream of a generation of trendsetting women who demand a deeper sense of empowerment, with footwear designed to be sexy and edgy. Their distinctive looks for the modern woman allow her to make a statement with each step that she takes. Inspired by industrial machine structures and heavy, strong lines, the shoes are designed to give each woman that pleasure of being standout beautiful, yet uniquely feminine. Though high heels have traditionally driven women to sacrifice comfort for looks, these are definitely “shoes comfortable enough to run away in.” Anyways you guys have to check out the rest of the collection, it's amazing!

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