Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Woman of the Year

and no it's not me. According to Glamour, Marissa Mayer is this year's Woman of the Year. Why you might ask? well it's Google. Yes, google. Seems like everyone is doin' it 7 billion times a year. and everything google has to go through the hands of Marissa Mayer.

As vice president, search and user experience (and a 10-year veteran of Google), she’s helped make the company the world’s number-one search engine, with revenues of nearly $22 billion last year. “I’ve always liked simplicity,” says Mayer, 34. “It’s hard to tell where my aesthetic ends and Google’s begins.” Almost nothing gets out the door without her approval, including innovations like Gmail and Google Earth. “It’s pretty hard to overstate her impact,” says Google CEO Eric Schmidt. “She built the team that designs the products we all use.”


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