Thursday, November 5, 2009

Linxxx Luv

1. miscellaneous culture - through a Linkedin request came across this UT grad's design site... totes bookmark worthy for inspiration

2. Architizer - beta version officially launched last week, and I have apparently been living under a rock! How did I miss this? It seems this is the new way for architects to connect across the globe. A Daily Dose is refering to it as 'the facebook' for architects, well... we'll see, but who doesn't need another work time distraction?

3. Nendo for the Moleskine Project - artist Nendo has simply cut the top edges of moleskines to create landscapes, his goal is to show sketches teetering on the edge of two and three dimensions...totally eye candy.

4. Gropius is falling down - it seems that not only did Chicago architect suffer a blow from the loss of the Olympic bid, but the Bauhaus designer, Walter Gropius, and his 1957 Friends of Convalence Home (read as hospital) was torn down. A sad sad day.

5. Princess Leia x2... sunbathing? - just so damn sexy!

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