Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just because we have a failing economy doesn't mean we can't have luxury

And this luxury comes in the form of a doll house, well more of a 'roombox' if you will. These luxurious 'roomboxes' are handmade, hand painted, and hopefully made of golden truffles for the price. In this struggling time, I find it ridiculous to purchase, or consider purchasing, such an item. As someone who does spend a little bit more than the average american on clothing, shoes, handbags, meals, I believe you need to know the value of such items (Nubbytwiglet.com had a great cost per wear article a while back). But this to me is decadent, and audiacious! thanks sara, for sending me this hiliarious site!
To visit the 'roombox', click here

1 comment:

Sara Martin said...

Ha, gold-plated room boxes. I've got five, I don't know what you mean, implying they're not a necessity for every up-and-coming architect!

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