Saturday, April 25, 2009

Why can't I focus?

It's not boredom infecting me today... more of a lack of focus mixed in with antsiness and stirred with my laize faire attitude. . . Maybe its the super awesome figure 8 diet I'm on, or maybe its the coffee I still drink (even though I vowed to give up that shit), or maybe its all these other people around me... I'm not out and about today, but I have always had a 'focusing' problem, but oc never medicated for it - don't believe in it. With a strict hispanic father and hippy-esque mother, I didn't get much exposure to the world of medication to fix your problems, it was more or less beat out of me. So what is wrong with me today? I'm so restless, yet, can not for the life of me get out of bed. There is nothing to watch on tv or online, atleast nothing that holds my interest for more than 2 minutes (I know!, not even 30 rock). I am also painfully sore from a lil bedroom rompe on tuesday night... yeah.. still... and my lame ass work out routine. So PLEASE! Let's do somethin' today! the sun is shinin' and there is alot goin on, but I'm stationary!

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