Friday, April 17, 2009


edition deux
  1. The Design Files - a great blog with fantastic images of all things bad ass in design, architecture, graphics, illustration, furniture! especially check out the post: everything is ok
  2. Paramodel: Graffiti-style Rail Track Art - via Ping Mag. Artists Hayashi Yasuhiko and Nakano Yusuke create these graffiti-esque installation that resembles circuit boards with vinyl, paint, lights, or whateve. else. Its definate candy for the eye and mind!
  3. PSDTUTS - This particular tutorial, dynamic recessed watercolor typography in photoshop, is one I am tryin out today, and will post the results! promise!
  4. 2PzNaPpod - This particular link is to Kylie for giving me a great laugh yesterday afternoon with her two link finds. The first one is great, I promise tons of laughs! and the second one made me miss modern rock from my middle school days! I mean, what the F happened to modern rock? Now we have 3 doors down and nickelback?!?! Those bands can't even compare to the Cranberries, or Smashing Pumpkins, or Local H... ahhh... memories

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