Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Linxxx Luv

1. 100 Incredible Lectures for Architects of the Future (via). Lots-o TED lectures, which is never a bad thing

2. The Times have put out this neat-o lil' graphic depicting How Different Groups Spend their Day. Somehow I don't fully believe the women shopping percentage! ha!

3. Do you wonder through life without any vices or imperfections? well let me say... BOOORing! that's major snooze-ville. I unfortunately fall into too many of these 7 vices for creative people (particularly 1-be a drinker, 6-sex, and 7-abuse the card). sigh, I wish I just had more time / opportunity to be more creative.

4. Was bummed when I heard Gwathmey passed away, but found this link to my fave project, Whig Hall. Those axons are sexy as hell. (via)

5. Who doesn't need more fonts? Lately I've been on a handvetica kick. Here's 22 drawn-esque fonts.

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