Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Even Barbie Doesn't want to be an Architect

Earlier this year, there was a poll on the Matel website for fans to vote on Barbie's next career. I believe it was Architect, News Anchor, Computer Engineer, and obviously something else not as of much importance. Well the votes are in, and I guess with this economic recession, even Barbie didn't want to venture into Architecture... I mean, who could blame her? I could easily count more of my arch-y friends who are unemployed than employed. I mean, I guess I anticipated News Anchor Barbie, but I mean, really?!? how many 'cool' computer engineers do you know? I think the IT crowd are the coolest, and throwing Barbie in the mix... either Jen and Roy would kill her or it might be the spiciest IT Crowd ever!

1 comment:

METAFUS said...

great idea for the show. IT CROWD !!!

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