Monday, March 1, 2010

This is the madness that happens when a country has no beaches

Time to get down and hispanic! Just in case you missed it, last SNL was a pretty awesome, I'm not emBEARassed to admit I'm a huge JLo fan, so this SNL seemsed extra awesome!
One of the best skits was the station Telemundo covering the winter olympics. I am always a fan of poking fun at hispanics, and this nailed it! Not to mention, since I am dating a cute Canadian which is really just a Mexican with a sweater. Watch below... (and take note of Hector's too cool member's online jacket... gotta get me one!)

this skit also got me remembering ?Que Hora Es? one of the best pokes at the ol' hispanic telenuevo and that ridiculous spanish class we all took in 4th grade. I can't tell you how many times I've zoned out and think about just rattling on about pollo or the bibliotheque... you know, so I sound legit...

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