Thursday, June 17, 2010

{ Head Thumping vol. 1 }

So I'm always posting music, so this should be a reoccurring post (and name). So here it is! Enjoy!

1. Arcade Fire - Ready to Start. I can't wait for this new album to come out. I'm loving this song so far more than anything else I've heard. It's really different from the rest of their stuff (previous albums, Neon Bible, Funeral), and even reminds me a little of Travis (although not as vocal-y sweet).

2. Wolf Parade - Ghost Whisper. I had no idea WP had an album coming out in the next 2 weeks, but that definitely makes me excited! These guys never disappoint.

3. Stars - Wasted Daylight. Love these lovely Canadians. Such a sweet voice and I'm all about this electronic feel to this song. It's still no, your ex lover is dead (my fave Stars song, hands down)

*all music is on here for listening purposes and will gladly be removed at artist's or those associated with's request. 

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