Saturday, June 5, 2010

{ Songs of the Day }

These are the hits on repeat in my head / headphones lately

1. Sleigh Bells - Take a Heart. I just can't get enough of this song. It's fun, distorted, and thumps the shit outta my brain! The beats are insane! and that cool electro pop sound around sec 30... oh yeah! it's my feel good beat of the summer nights!

2. Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill. In this song I think Camera Obscura, but way more underground and lofi, and I love me some lofi! It's more chill and less electronic than Take a Heart, but these two are definitely the best of this (for me) highly anticipated album!

3. Alicia Keys + Jack White - Another Way to Die. What a different duo, but it works sooo well! It seems like something outta a spy film (too bad there isn't a new bond film to pick this up). Keys not only lends her vocal talents, but some bad ass piano playing. But I think it's the horns and the strings that really punch this song up for me.

4. Them Crooked Vultures - New Fang. A new Dave Grohl and some other notable people (John Paul Jones - from Led Zepplin, and that awesome singer from Queens of the Stone Age) got together to make another super group, and big surprise... it's awesome. What else would I expect? New Fang is classic rock and roll at it's finest. Great bass riffs, solid drums at the beginning, and a sad yet sweet guitar tearin' up the whole damn things! "So you got me confuuuuusssed..." - I think get that line in my head more often than anything I've heard in a while. I was pretty excited to first hear this album after I heard a rumor that Paul McCartney offered to play bass, only for Grohl to decline with, "it's alright, we already got John Paul Jones." hahahahaha, another sad day for ol' Paul.

5. The Whigs - I Don't Even Care About the One I Love. I heard this one afternoon on 90.3 (awesome Knoxville station) while driving home, and had to go home and find out, who this was and what this was called, and quickly purchase it and repeat repeat repeat! I was a lil' on the fence about the newest Whigs release, but I'm sold and will definitely catch them at the Square Room later this summer.

*all music is on here for listening purposes and will gladly be removed at artist's or those associated with's request. 


Daniel S said...

Good list of songs- I got Sleigh Bells' song 'Infinity Guitars' off iTunes for free when it was the song of the day. Now I shall pick up the rest of them per your recommendation(s).
On a similar note, I got a Whigs song (Kill Me Carolyn) for free from Amazon and liked it, but never pursued the other albums. Gonna have to rectify this.

Oh, and it' would be kind of hard 'Another Way to Die' to be the theme to a new Bond film because it was commissioned as the theme for the LAST bond film (Quantum of Solace). Heh, it's good to know that they nailed the tone they were going for, though!

All in all, solid musics.

mizmargauxxx said...

wow! really? see... that's how much of a lady I am, I had no idea that was already in a bond film! but yeah! def. get sleigh bells and the newest and the whigs album right before this one.... they have an early one, but i'm not that much of a fan of that one.

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