Saturday, September 11, 2010

{ A Delicious Science Experiment }

Last weekend (I know I'm behind on the updates) I had awesome visitors come up and stay with me. While here, Beth suggested we find this new ice cream place, Chill Custom Creamery. Located off Northshore, near Morrell, it's interiors were done well, but typical, but that wasn't this place's appeal. What makes Chill differenet than the rest is you chose 1 of 3 bases for your ice cream: chocolate, vanilla, or soy-something-vanilla. The base looked like cream, not ice cream. Once your base is selected you then chose your mix-ins and flavor drops and syrups yourself, since you pay by the once ... I think it was $0.50 an once (so about $4-6 a HUGE cup) and once you are all done they then put your metal cylinder cup in a kitchen-aid mixer and add liquid nitrogen to it, making it real 'ice cream'. It looked like an evil science house once all four ice creams started going... and not to mention soooo creamy and delicious. This place was probably some of the better ice cream I've ever had. It was a great way to end the holiday weekend, enjoy the pics!

The cream base... I went with Vanilla

Some of the many many mix-ins... I went with a flavor drop of coffee, cheesecake, oreos, marshmellows, and cocoa crispies, I know strange and chocolately but sooo good!

Loved the graphic layout of their signs and marketing material + the colors were my fave!

Here's it's starting to mix!

cute vintage inspired chairs (and I heart the color!)

It's alive! ...and delish!

Beth + John loving the ice cream

Mike + Me! so happy for the ice cream science adventure!

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