Tuesday, December 21, 2010

{ A Little Behind }

So I just realized, even though work hasn't been bad, I've completely neglected you. My last post was on my birthday, and it's almost been a whole damn month of my silence, and for that I apologize. I'll update you on my skinny...

I've seen a few movies, some worth high praise and other not so much.
Easy A - I heard good things, and I even heard these things from people I trusted with good taste. But alas, it was a total disappointment. I don't think awesome amounts of drinking or drugs could have made this bearable. I mean, it had it's moments, but I think first off it could have been half the length! I sort of got the idea of what it would be about from the previews, Dawson's Creek talking highschooler (Emma Stone) starts spreading rumors she's a skank, and it get way way way out of hand... I mean, not a bad premise, but that's about it. Overall... I'd say a .....55%

Black Swan - On the other hand, this proved almost as good as the rumors I had heard. I would say there was way more touching screens then I thought, but it added a nice uncomfortable-ness to film. Beth (played by Winona Ryder) ... whom I had no idea was even in the film ... was a fantastic character. Somehow, with all my hectic-ness and crazy life it's nice to see someone else on the edge of a break down. What I really enjoyed were the small, maybe just 1 second worth of crazy, Natalie Portman's Character, Nina, would see... I really had to question my eyes, and it helped me relate to her more. While I would say I did enjoy Requiem for a Dream more, Arnoffsky did a brilliant job at leaving me gasping and wanting more......91%

I also recently got my hair did. I've been super broke... I know, we all are this time of year, and signed up to be on the mailing list for SuperCuts Training Class. Normally I don't think I'd even consider getting a hair cut there... not that I'm snobby, but I am really partial to Lox, but I guess because these new trainees are more scrutinized during the training class than once they get their day to day job, my girl, Kaytee (or whatever her name was) did a FABULOUS job! think Posh Spice but slightly longer and with a heavy bang. It's cute and I'll try to get a picture up after I shower today... It's a little dis-shelved right now.

I think that's about it, I've been to Chattanooga, and I think I'm heading back this weekend... for the holidays, but there isn't too much going on there.... I've been making websites, but mostly for friends for gifts, so posts once they are up and running! Oh and all my new graphic making has been on my new computer! it was a birthday gift, and it still rocking my world. And speaking of birthdays, I did have a lil' shindig, which of course things got too rowdy to remember to take pictures! But really I've just been spending too much time with King Bean and his clan (yes, my lil sensitive male kitty is now being referred to as King Bean, but it's only fitting... he does rule the roost).

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