Thursday, January 5, 2012

{ Need A Job? }

Well then you are in luck, there are two ridiculous openings announced today.

1. Stephen Hawking needs a graduate assistant. Now at first this seemed really awesome, who wouldn't want to hang with one of the smartest minds in history? But after reading the duties this position entails, I'm less than enthused...
+ Managing Prof. Hawking's national and international travel.
+ Preparation of lecture graphics and public speaking
+Dealing with the media and press
+Development of Prof. Hawking's computer systems
+Maintenance of computer and medical equipment
+Answering inquiries from the public and maintaining the website
... yup. overall a snoozefest, I think I'll pass but you could always apply. {to apply}

2. Kanye West has been tweeting up a storm about a newly formed idea design company, DONDA. This new venture will consist of architects, designers, and directors. Cause we all knew his first fashion line went so well, I'm sure this will be a success interesting too. Either way, if you are interested here's the page to apply, which does only include a gmail address. I will admit that I am curious to see how this goes, and might drop a line. I mean, it doesn't hurt to see? But then again, no one wants to get interrupted at work either. {to apply}

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