Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{ mizmargauxxx's mix + king bean }

King Bean calmly rockin' out
It's been a good while since I posted music on here... maybe it's because I haven't had a chance to be out and about, since the arrival of my sweet boy. But man, I sure miss the whole scene. Last Saturday me + the Loon finally got the opportunity to hit the town, and in addition to consuming too much liquid courage, we also got to see a few of my fave local bands at the Pilot Light. Daddy Don't opened and killed it. But the highlight for me really was Yung Life and the headerline, Coolrunnings (it was also their album release show).

Yung Life - Breaker. This fave of mine is like all the best of an eighties teen flicks rolled into the beach burrito to listen to!

Coolrunnings -  Chorus. Not from their new release, but still my fave.

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